Axair’s New ATEX EC IP68 Compact Axial Fan

Here at Axair we are delighted to announce our newest product. Alongside extensive research and development the Axair group, comprised of Axair Fans and Axair Refrigeration, has strived to bring this sought after product to the market. Our new ATEX EC compact frame axial fan which is also IP68 is our newest addition to our existing wide range of products. This axial fan is not just an innovation to us as a company, but also to the air movement industry. It comes in 3 speeds, high (3000rpm), medium (2500rpm) and low (1700rpm) and comes in the standard size of 120x120x38. Since the ATEX directive (ATEX 2014-34 EU) came into place ATEX equipment, also known as explosion/spark proof, has become a standard part of many products. Within the industrial market many fans are available in an ATEX version, however ATEX IP68 compact axials are yet to exist until now. This is a crucial innovation especially in cases such as refrigeration. The commercial refrigeration market is constantly investing in new technology that not only reduces the OPD level (Ozone Depletion Level) of their products but are also more energy efficient.  HCFC refrigerants are gradually getting swapped for HC refrigerants which, with an ODP of zero, don’t harm the environment at all. The potential hazard with HC refrigerants in that they pose a potential explosion and flammability risk should there be a leak. Considering that commercial refrigeration units are usually in areas where people are around, any potential harm has to be completely diminished. Using out ATEX compact fan there can be no spark and therefore there is no longer any risk. This is just one example where our new fan is a crucial piece of equipment. Other applications include electronic cooling, lamp cooling, small heat exchangers, small condensers and evaporators, just to name a few. Our product is one of a kind as it is not only ATEX and EC but IP68. This means that it is 100% dust tight and 100% protected against submersion in water. IP68 is the highest possible IP rating giving this fan maximum protection. Let’s not forget that as well as being ATEX and IP68, it’s EC. EC is increasingly popular in the market. It’s incredibly energy efficient and does this by combining A and DC voltages. Being EC (Electronically commutated) can save up to 80% on its AC counterpart. This also keeps in line with Axair’s strong social responsibility policy and goals to reduce customer’s energy consumption.   Read More
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