Axial fan with integrated diffuser


Energy-efficient, powerful and quiet-running.

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ebm-papst sets new standards in ventilation and air conditioning:
Today’s heating systems call for new concepts based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. Which is why heat pumps are becoming ever more popular. Modern EC fans play an important role in ensuring that these run efficiently, economically and extremely quietly. The size 500 axial fans specially designed for use in outdoor heat pumps have been further optimized with regard to efficiency and noise level.

Speed adjustment provides great flexibility, so your heat pump can operate efficiently without disturbing anyone in the vicinity. The axial fan with integrated diffuser thus creates ideal conditions for the heat pump as a whole to achieve a high coefficient of performance.

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All the advantages at a glance:
<ul type="disc">
    <li>Advanced system concept
Perfectly matched components. Ready-to-connect Plug & Play unit.</li>
    <li>Top performance
Up to 10 % increase in air performance, coupled with 3 dB(A) noise reduction.</li>
    <li>Innovative EC technology
Enables the entire fan system to achieve 23 % higher efficiency than conventional solutions.</li>
    <li>Ideal conditions for the heat pump as a whole to achieve a high coefficient of performance.</li>
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