Bacharach presented of leak detection monitor CO2 for industrial and retail refrigeration

Bacharach, a manufacturer of leak detection and refrigerant gas monitor provides an effective leak detection carbon dioxide (CO2) for industrial and retail refrigeration.
The tool is selective, taking into account the response time and operating temperature in these applications. It needs to be specified in temperatures up to -40 ° C / -40 ° F. Tom Burniston, product Manager fixed tools, said: "the Used sensors should respond quickly to increasing levels of CO2. Since CO2 has high operating pressure, gases can quickly exit in a refrigerated space with a very high rate. A Toolkit to monitor the progressive changes in atmospheric CO2, may not alert staff in a timely manner, creating a potentially hazardous condition, which quickly creates a threat to staff." "Leakage of CO2 into the shop less than a security issue, but when it comes to machines, cooling chambers or other enclosed spaces, there is a problem of security," he continued. The use of CO2 gas is increasing popularity due to its natural characteristics of the refrigerant, the low impact on the environment and the growing norms of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons). Therefore, it is important an effective solution to detect leaks.
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