BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020

Date: 17 October 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020
BITZER's innovation at Chillventa eSpecial 2020

Bitzer Ammonia Compressor Packs

BITZER, the specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology, presents its Ammonia Compressor Packs (ACPs) for industrial refrigeration at Chillventa eSpecial 2020. They provide customers with fully assembled, ready-to-use compressor units which can be installed quickly and easily on-site.

Due to its exceptional energy efficiency and outstanding thermodynamic characteristics, ammonia is the ideal refrigerant for industrial refrigeration applications such as ice rinks, warehouses and larger systems in the food industry. Because it doesn’t have any global warming or ozone depletion potential (GWP and ODP 0), ammonia is absolutely future-proof and the perfect option for environmentally conscious companies.

BITZER has decades of experience in the production of components suitable for ammonia – and, with its Ammonia Compressor Packs, also offers higher cooling capacities, each up to 3 MW (–10/35 °C). Each ACP contains up to three compressors as well as a motor, oil separator and oil circuit. Operating unit, economizer and frequency inverter are optionally available.

Safety and efficiency for each operating condition

In combination with the integrated BITZER IQ technology, an ACP operating unit ensures reliable, efficient ACP operation based on the current operating conditions. The most important sensors are redundant and the operating unit has been developed with a proactive regulator to increase system reliability. Thanks to their compound set strategy, the ACPs offer exceptional starting behaviour. They require around half the starting current of a single compressor with the same refrigerating capacity, which results in smaller components and lower installation costs. Connecting several BITZER screw compressors and their intelligent capacity control in parallel ensures high efficiency especially in part load and offers higher operating reliability than single compressors in the same capacity class.

Their sophisticated mechanical construction makes the ACPs exceptionally service-friendly.

Application limits can be monitored with the aid of alarm and shut-off thresholds as well as operating parameters to ensure maximum reliability. The moment the alarm threshold is exceeded, the operating unit automatically initiates countermeasures and sends a message to the master control system.

Bitzer HS.95 Optimised

The specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology BITZER is presenting the extension of its HS.95 screw compressors at this year's Chillventa eSpecial. In addition to significant increases in efficiency, these are now also suitable for use with low-GWP refrigerants.

The HS.95 is one of BITZER's semi-hermetic screw compressor series with four delivery volume stages in the range of 700 to 1,015 m3/h at 50 Hz, which was developed for use in large commercial and industrial applications. These compressors can be operated with low-GWP refrigerants such as R449A, R448A, R455A and R454C.

Increased efficiency

The new and bigger models of the tried-and-tested HS screw compressor series offer significant efficiency improvements of motors and mechanics, enabling a better system efficiency in full and part load operations than ever before. They are designed for a wide application range like refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump and marine systems and can be used both in single and parallel compressor systems. In parallel operation systems with for example four compressors, system displacements of 4,060 m3/h can be reached easily.

Intelligent capacity control

The HS.95 capacity control can be performed both with the stepless mechanical capacity control CR or with external frequency inverters. The integrated double-slider technology provides the opportunity to combine Vᵢ (Internal Volume Index) and CR capacity control. The slider position detection SPI (Slider Positioning Indicator) reports the position of the two CR and Vᵢ sliders to the IQ module at all times. The IQ module constantly knows the exact operating conditions of the system due to the on-board high and low pressure sensors and automatically adjusts the Vᵢ to its optimum position. This setting causes a yearly efficiency increase of the HS.95 compressor up to 10 per cent compared to compressors without continuous Vᵢ adjustment, depending on the load profile over the year.

When operating with external frequency inverter, there is a special drive mode in which the double slider is used as a single slider purely for Vᵢ control, thus combining the advantages of speed control and automatic Vᵢ adjustment for maximum system efficiency.

Compressors with volume flows of 910 m3/h and 1,015 m3/h are already available for order, whilst preparations are under way to launch the compressors with volume flows of 700 m3/h and 805 m3/h.

BITZER presents its powerful SQD shell and tube evaporators

BITZER presents its powerful SQD shell and tube evaporators on the occasion of the Chillventa eSpecial 2020. These unique square evaporators reach the highest efficiency currently achievable for a dry-expansion heat exchanger, featuring a patented design that includes a high-technology refrigerant distribution system and a specially developed water flow pattern.

BITZER is squaring up to dry evaporation: Its unique square design combined with the exclusive patented refrigerant distributor makes the SQD series the most efficient dry-expansion evaporators available on the market. Furthermore, they are highly flexible with regards to both refrigerants and configuration. Operation is approved for all common refrigerants, as well as for low-GWP refrigerants such as HFC/HFO blends and HFOs.

The difference is in the details

The high efficiency levels of the SQD are guaranteed by bringing the dry-expansion evaporator to the upper limit of its performance possibilities while reducing the approach and maintaining the superheating at the same time. The result is a direct and remarkable impact on the cooling system’s efficiency at full and part load. The evaporator’s square design features an improved baffle window for optimised water flow. Furthermore, it has a larger heat transfer surface than evaporators with a traditional round shell design, resulting in higher efficiency.

Even refrigerant distribution

The SQD features a patented refrigerant distributor which allows for a consistent distribution of refrigerant through all pipes. The counterflow inside the evaporator optimises superheating and ensures the best possible efficiency. For every evaporator size, several distributor models are available.

As compared with flooded evaporators, the BITZER SQD requires much less refrigerant charge – up to 70 per cent less than traditional flooded evaporators and up to 50 per cent less than hybrid evaporators. Its maximum evaporation temperatures are close to the working conditions of conventional flooded evaporators.

All-rounder for air conditioning and process

SQD evaporators can be configured with up to three independent refrigerant circuits and represent the optimal solution for air conditioning and process-cooling duties with capacities up to 2 MW, where high efficiency is a must. In air conditioning applications, they allow liquid chillers to reach Tier 2 efficiency targets, as indicated in the European EcoDesign Directive. In process cooling, they ensure reduced energy consumption performances under both full- and part-load conditions. They can also be used in marine and medium-temperature refrigeration applications.

The SQD achieves an operating pressure of up to 24.2 bar on the refrigerant side and 10 bar on the water side. Customers can choose between eight shell sizes from 150 to 500 mm and up to eight lengths. The water connection can be configured on both the left and right side; thermal insulation is optionally available.

ORBIT range of scroll compressors

BITZER is all about flexibility: the ORBIT range of scroll compressors boasts greater efficiency and flexibility than ever before – and all of the models are interchangeable and equipped with advanced technologies that adapt to the most diverse circumstances.

The BITZER ORBIT range of scroll compressors comprises the ORBIT, ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT series. The ORBIT is universally applicable for air conditioning and heat pump applications, while the ORBIT+ with line start permanent magnet motor is the most efficient scroll compressor in its class. The ORBIT FIT with economizer technology offers increased efficiency and capacity in all HVAC applications, but is especially suitable in high pressure ratio applications like heat pumps. The economised operation also widens the application limits, allowing operation at lower ambient temperatures in heat pumps.

ORBIT FIT with economizer technology

To match the increased market requirements, such as heat pumps and high efficiency scroll chillers, BITZER has developed its ORBIT FIT (Flexible Injection Technology) series with economizer technology. This feature increases system efficiency and capacity in industrial-sized air conditioning and heat pump applications. The economised vapour injection feature increases efficiency and capacity in all HVAC applications. Furthermore, it widens the area of application, allowing operation at lower temperatures and further delaying the need for supplemental heat in heat pump operation. The ORBIT FIT 8 economised scroll compressor series covers a displacement range from 48 m3/h to 77 m3/h at 50 Hz.

Specific application optimisation versions of the ORBIT FIT series are designed to work with low-GWP A2L refrigerants, such as R454B, R452B and R32, as well as the conventional A1 refrigerant R410A. Further technical features highlight the flexibility of the ORBIT FIT series: it is able to operate with external frequency inverters in a broad frequency range (35 .. 75 Hz) and can be run in single or compound installations with even and uneven compressor combinations.

Conversion of existing chiller platforms to low-GWP refrigerants

All BITZER ORBIT series follow the principle of interchangeability – which is also the case for equal capacity models – meaning that the mounting and connecting locations between them remain the same. This minimises development work, allowing system designers and manufacturers to use existing frameworks, footprints, piping layouts and manufacturing processes. This results in reduced complexity as well as a quicker time to market for new systems.

BITZER has been in serial production of its ORBIT and ORBIT+ scroll compressors for use with low-GWP refrigerants such as R454B, R452B and R32 since early 2019. The ORBIT FIT 8 series’ upcoming release for production complements the BITZER portfolio, giving customers even more HVAC application options.


The BITZER ECOLITE 2.0 series of condensing units is ready for serial release in autumn 2020 and includes the approval for A2L refrigerants along with further significant novelties.

The ECOLITE 2.0 series of condensing units is now available within the BITZER Distribution Network. Its main new features include the approval for the refrigerants of the safety group A2L (R1234ze/yf, R455A and R454C) and new functions inside the controller (for example the oil return function) supporting reliable and efficient operation. The first field test units of the ECOLITE 2.0 have already been shipped and commissioned.

Flexibility for every demand

ECOLITE condensing units open up a wide range of applications from 1.5 kW to 5 kW in the freezing range and from 3.5 kW to 16 kW in the normal refrigeration range. One of their great advantages is that each of the seven models can be used for various refrigerants and different applications in all climate zones – for example in cold stores, petrol stations and corner shops.

The new ECOLITE version is compatible with low-GWP refrigerants of the A2L category and offers a future-proof solution for refrigerants with a GWP below 150. Thanks to its plug-and-play concept, users enjoy the option of quick installation with all ECOLITE models. Furthermore, the commissioning can be easily done via the user-friendly controller with a display and connectivity to the BEST software. The design of the condensing units ensures that their components are easily accessible and can be serviced quickly, if necessary.

Its compact and low-sound design allows installations of the ECOLITE both in urban and rural areas. Furthermore, the semi-hermetic ECOLINE compressor equipped with the mechanical capacity control VARISTEP makes the unit exceptionally efficient, flexible and reliable.

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