Bundgaard developed series of compact chillers with propane refrigerant

Bundgaard Refrigeration out of Denmark specializes in building cutting-edge, environmentally responsible heating and cooling products. For over fifteen years, they have built world-class heat pumps and chillers for indoor and outdoor applications. With systems installed worldwide, Bundgaard has pioneered and perfected the use of Propane (R290) as an alternative refrigerant. Fluorinated refrigerants, including HFCs and PFCs are currently being phased out due to their high global warming potential (GWP). As an alternative to these damaging refrigerants, Bundgaard eventually focused on R290(Propane). Propane, with a low GWP of 3 and zero ODP (ozone depletion potential), has virtually no environmental impact. It also has excellent thermodynamic properties - compared to R404A (GWP of 3,920) propane is more efficient and has lower operating pressures. In the long run, this means less stress on equipment and longer compressor life. As it is a naturally occurring substance, propane is not patented by chemical companies, which guarantees abundant supply and low prices. It is of course flammable, and therefore requires special handling, properly trained service technicians, and purpose-built components. By partnering with other innovative vendors, Bundgaard is able to meet the challenges of using propane to bring efficient and safe products to market. For customers wanting an environmentally responsible comfort cooling solution with a small footprint, Bundgaard developed their WWC1S series of compact chillers. At the heart of this line is Frascold’s Atex Zone 2 approved CX series of compact screw compressors. The CX Atex series compressors are ideal for this application, being compact, quiet, and with an externally accessible oil filter, easy to maintain. These machines are built to last, with oversized bearings for long service life, and an advanced electronic protection system for safety. Like all Frascold compressors, the CX series is highly efficient and VFD compatible. Innovation and quality have always been core values at Frascold, and as a global leader in our industry, we work continuously to refine our products and processes. Partnering with companies like Bundgaard helps us stay at the forefront of an evolving marketplace and move towards a more sustainable future.
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