CAREL expanded the MPX range of electronic controllers

Date: 18 May 2020
CAREL expanded the MPX range of electronic controllers
CAREL expanded the MPX range of electronic controllers

CAREL, a multinational specialising in control solutions for the air conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification sectors, presents the latest news in the MPX range. The consolidated series of electronic controllers for the management of multiplex refrigerated cabinets has been expanded with a flexible and scalable proposal to meet all market needs. The entire range features the most advanced control logic, from direct connection to supervisory systems to the management of coordinated actions between uniform groups of cabinets.

Food safety & family feeling

The prerogatives in the CAREL offering have always been high efficiency, optimum food preservation and food safety. These features are guaranteed by advanced control logic that, in addition to decreasing power consumption, also reduce temperature fluctuations inside the cabinet and increase product shelf life.

The family feeling across the range represents a consistent approach that simplifies the use of the different MPX family controllers by customers. The variety of the MPX proposal in terms of aesthetics is combined with scalable functions and consistent user-friendliness.


MPXzero is the new entry-level solution in the MPX range. Ideal for the management of stand-alone remote cabinets or groups of master-slave cabinets, it features native connection to supervisory systems, simple use and NFC and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

MPXone advanced

MPXone advanced was designed to complete the MPXone series for applications where fine control is needed, by implementing integrated management of an electronic expansion valve and modulating loads. This controller, available in compact hardware, stands out for high efficiency, advanced connectivity (via Bluetooth) to simplify commissioning, and performance optimisation.


MPXPRO is CAREL’s consolidated solution for advanced control of uniform groups of cabinets equipped with electronic expansion valves (bipolar or PWM) and that require maximum flexibility in the design of the electrical panels and easy installation.

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