Carel Launches New iJM Solution In a Strategic Partnership With Vision IoT

Date: 22 September 2021
Carel Launches New iJM Solution In a Strategic Partnership With Vision IoT

In recent years the beverage cooler market has seen increasing demand for solutions that reduce environmental impact by cutting energy consumption and emissions, and that feature connectivity options to give beverage companies better intelligence on the sales performance and user habits of their merchandisers in the field.

CAREL has extensive experience in this sector and continuously invests in new technologies to satisfy these trends. The latest result of these investments is iJM, a dedicated product line for refrigerated merchandisers, backed by a strategic partnership with the Vision IoT platform for connecting field assets. 

iJM includes cutting-edge options for energy efficiency, such as direct control of variable speed compressors, and a completely new flat and frameless display, with various cosmetic customisation options available according to the customer’s brand. Thanks to its connectivity options (NFC, Bluetooth® and Beacon), iJM is ready to connect to the Vision IoT cloud platform, so as to offer customers analytics to improve retail management. 

Vision IoT is a longstanding industry leader in IoT solutions for connected beverage coolers, with more than 1.7 million active units on its Harbor Cloud Platform. CAREL and Vision IoT have defined an end-to-end seamless offering that will help our global beverage customers reduce asset loss, improve utilisation and increase sales. 

The new feature will allow bottlers to equip their merchandisers with the latest generation electronic controllers for energy-efficient management of their units, as well as to monitor them remotely, analyse their profitability and optimise operation through corrective actions in the field. 

The combined Carel + Vision IoT solution will provide key insights to bottlers, who will be able to gain competitive advantages at the point of sale. For bottlers, being able to better understand the performance of their different assets in a retail environment allows them to take actions to improve important KPIs, such as planogram compliance and sales, reduce asset downtime and optimise asset locations within a store. 

“CAREL has a strong presence in the beverage cooler market around the world. This partnership combines our quality and experience in control solutions with Vision IoT, a vertical, effective cloud platform for beverage coolers”, commented Giovanni Tonin, CAREL Group Marketing Manager - Food Service. 

“We are proud to have been selected as the platform partner of choice by Carel. Our device-agnostic platform is helping more and more global CPG brands gain mission-critical insights to their in-store operations. The scalability and ability to deliver insights directly to the representatives solving these issues are what’s enabling the continued success of our clients and partners”, stated Austin Groves, CEO Vision IoT.

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