CAREL present new controller for food retail refrigeration services

CAREL is presenting MPXone, the new controller for food retail refrigeration services. MPXone stands out for its extensive connectivity options that simplify human-machine interaction using APPLICA, the new CAREL APP for mobile devices.

 MPXone is based on a flexible, scalable, high-connectivity platform, available in several different versions to meet all the needs of end users and manage a wide range of solutions (from entry-level to high-efficiency).

MPXone manages all the typical functions of supermarket remote refrigerated showcases, allowing synchronisation of groups of units using a new generation local subnetwork and connection to the BMS.

With MPXone, certain energy saving features can even be activated in simple applications: load modulation and advanced control algorithms are no longer limited solely to the most advanced systems.

MPXone introduces the possibility to manage the most innovative high-efficiency modulating devices via serial connection and the standard Modbus® protocol. This makes it possible to increase integration and synergy between components, greatly increasing the possibilities for saving both energy and maintenance costs.

An absolute first in this sector, wireless connectivity - using both NFC and Bluetooth technologies - revolutionises interaction with the refrigerated units, simplifying the user experience with the dedicated APP and Cloud support. This architecture means that contents, such as parameter configurations and documentation, user profiles and related access levels, can all be synchronised, thus guaranteeing rapid commissioning.

APPLICA has been specifically designed to work with MPXone: the mobile device thus becomes the user interface that, thanks to its specific graphics and multimedia functions, overcomes the limits of traditional, integrated user interfaces.

APPLICA is also an access point for CAREL’s Cloud services, used to store online specific contents relating to the type of application and retrieve them easily at any time.
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