Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators Now Available in Aero 39M Commercial Air-Handling Units up to 31,000 cfm

Date: 16 January 2019
Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators Now Available in Aero 39M Commercial Air-Handling Units up to 31,000 cfm

Carrier energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are now available in Aero 39M commercial air-handling units up 31,000 cfm. On the heels of last year’s reinvention of the Aero 39M, Carrier now adds another dimension of flexibility with the availability of the ERV section as a standard option. ERVs use an optional ECM-driven energy wheel designed to recover energy from the exhaust air stream and transfer it to the fresh air stream brought into the building.

Aero 39M air handlers provide advanced technology and custom features in a streamlined, easy-to-install package. Indoor and outdoor units are available to handle a wide variety of applications and can be installed side-by-side or in stacked configurations. Units can be equipped with HEPA filters, ECM direct drive fans, Agion antimicrobial coating and many other options.

The 39M unit’s double-wall casing allows panels to be easily cleaned without damaging the insulation inside. Available fan options include forward-curved, airfoil, and plenum fans for extra quiet operation. Factory-installed controls maintain airflow and ventilation requirements while helping to prevent coil freeze-up, excessive humidity and poor indoor air quality.

All 39M units now ship with a unique QR code on the unit’s outer label allowing technicians to see a list of critical parts immediately upon inspection. They can then order those parts easily and without having to reference a catalog or parts list. The code also provides a technician with the unit submittal, a complete parts list, filter sizes and quantities, the installation manual and product data.

“Last year, we introduced the reinvented Aero 39M after listening to our customers’ requests for more capability and versatility in an air handler,” said Greg Alcorn, vice president and general manager, Carrier Commercial Systems. “This year, we’ve added even more flexibility by making our ERVs available in units up to size 61. We are proud to offer our customers a versatile air handler that can provide even higher efficiency.

The Carrier AHUBuilder software makes selecting and optimizing the 39M air handler easy, allowing HVAC engineers to model refrigerant-based cooling systems with confidence, generating a cross-plot to help determine the most efficient system possible. AHUBuilder software also enables the user to select fan systems at full- and part-load for performance and sound. This feature allows the selection of the most stable, most efficient and quietest fan within our product offerings.



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