Carrier Introduces New Counter Ranges

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration’s innovative new counter ranges help to provide a more stimulating shopping experience. Combining food display and food preparation sections in one counter, the new ranges feature improved transparency with continuous, bracketless glass superstructures and enhanced merchandise presentation with semicircle or vertical display. The Danaos Total Transparency counter features a full-glass display with a contemporary flat design that provides maximized transparency and product visibility to attract shoppers’ attention. With the Danaos Invite semicircular counter, food retailers can offer an eye-catching product presentation within their line of straight counters. The swivel plate function gives an appealing view of food on display such as fish and other delicacies. The tower solution for Carrier counters features a vertical product display that brings an appealing element into the counter line. LED lighting accentuates the merchandise display and helps maximize visibility with an eye-catching effect. Marché Fresh counters for gastronomy combine food preparation and self-service food display into one counter. This provides a new shopping experience for items such as freshly baked pizza, fresh salads and sandwiches. A variety of claddings with laminate and customization options, such as an integrated scale, help food retailers create a unique in-store atmosphere. In addition, store employees benefit from high quality and easy-to-clean materials as well as a variety of glass lid opening options for easier service and cleaning. The Danaos Easy Opening counter, for example, features a new way of opening the glass superstructure from the front with a push-to-open mechanism, facilitating cleaning and loading. “Our latest counter innovations place emphasis on enhanced product visibility, ergonomics and design,” says Anna Rita Pittarello, director, product management counters, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Europe. “This allows food retailers to create a unique atmosphere for both shoppers and store employees to help increase sales in their counter area.”   Read More
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