Carrier Introduces New Ductless Heating and Cooling Products

Date: 04 March 2021
Carrier Introduces New Ductless Heating and Cooling Products
Carrier recently launched a new Performance Series high wall ductless system including the 40MAHB indoor unit and 38MARB outdoor unit, and the multi-poise 40MBAA air handler. As the latest, fully communicative additions in Carrier’s evolving ductless line of heating and cooling offerings, the products provide versatility and energy efficiency, as well as single and multi-zone capabilities. The indoor high wall 40MAHB unit provides seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings up to 28.1 and heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) ratings up to 13.0 and is available in sizes 9k through 36k. The 40MBAA boasts SEER ratings up to 20.0 and HSPF ratings up to 10.0, and is available in sizes 24k, 36k and 48k. 

The 40MAHB indoor high wall unit includes the Airflow Direction feature, which automatically controls the louver direction up and down, or left and right. Other standard features include a built-in relative humidity sensor; the Follow Me feature, which allows the temperature to be changed from the handheld remote; an auto restart function; three modes of standard operation; and occupancy sensors.

The 40MAHB offers simplified installation and maintenance. Plus, increased total piping length and enhanced piping lift enable greater breadth of application and installation. There are also a wide variety of control options including a wireless remote controller, an optional wired remote controller, 24V interface and Wi-Fi kit. 

The 40MAHB is backward compatible with the 38MA*R and the 38MARB is backward compatible with 40MAQ, 40MBCQ, 40MBFQ, 40MBDQ, and 40MBAA, allowing for greater flexibility when upgrading older system components without requiring complete system replacement.

The 40MBAA multi-poise air handler has a variable-speed ECM motor that synchronizes with the Carrier Inverter Ductless heat pump single zone 38MARB size 24k, 38MBRB sizes 36k/48k, or with select 38MGR multi-zone models. Using Carrier’s 38MGR multi-zone system allows a homeowner to connect to as many as five ductless indoor fan coils. With increased flexibility and performance, including temperature control and zone air circulation, these systems can adjust motor speeds and comfort capacity as conditions change, delivering soothing, consistent temperatures and quiet operation, which can help save on energy bills.

In addition, the Carrier Ductless 24V interface for the 40MBAA can be built in or stand alone. Both options allow single and multi-zone systems to be compatible with third-party thermostats. Included features like customizable airflow adjustments and self-configuring capabilities provide application flexibility and easier servicing.

“We’re pleased to introduce both the Performance Series high wall ductless system and the 40MBAA air handler as they provide versatile and efficient choices to complement our existing line of ductless solutions,” said Paul Rebelo, Managing Director North America, Ductless and VRF, Carrier. “These models offer ease of installation, maintenance and flexibility for the contractor, while providing installation versatility, energy efficiency and multi-zone capabilities for the homeowner.”
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