Carrier Launches All New Single-Stage Split System Air Conditioners for Southeast and Southwest Regions

Date: 17 June 2022
Carrier Launches All New Single-Stage Split System Air Conditioners for Southeast and Southwest Regions
Carrier launched a new line of single-stage split system air conditioners that are compliant with the upcoming 2023 Department of Energy (DOE) minimum efficiency requirements and test procedures. Carrier’s latest launch is critical to fully transitioning inventory in the South to 2023 compliant products prior to the January 1, 2023 date of installation cutoff for air conditioners sold in the Southern regions. Fines for installing non-compliant air conditioners can be as high as $503.00 per unit. Carrier is pleased to offer an enhanced line of air conditioning units in advance of regulatory changes to its customers.

The new suite of single-stage split system air conditioners for the Southern regions earns an impressive SEER2 rating of up to 16.5 (17 SEER), and EER2 up to 13.5 (14.5 EER). The new line will have ratings combinations with Carrier’s VERTEX Technology V-Coils (V-Coils), announced earlier this year. Additionally, the new family of products have reduced SKUs with one common offering for both southern regions,revised model number nomenclature and numerous design improvements over legacy counterparts such as patented welded-aluminum coils, decreases in height, base pan size, and weight. Carrier’s 2023-compliant entry-tier model, the 24SCA5, uses only medium (31 3/16”) or smaller base pans by leveraging innovative technology such as V-Coils while addressing the DOE’s upcoming regulatory changes.

“We’re pleased to launch our new and improved line of 2023-compliant split system air conditioning units,” said Braden Cook, Director, Product Management & Training, Residential HVAC, Carrier. “Carrier is committed to supporting a strong, seamless transition into 2023 DOE regulatory compliance for our distributors and dealers and to providing the best in product design and efficiency.”

The launch of the new split systems air conditioning units is one of many product advancements that meet the 2023 efficiency standards to be released in 2022. Carrier will offer a full line of heating and cooling products that meet the new criteria this year, ahead of the January 1, 2023 deadline as part of its #2023READY initiative.
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