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Carrier Previews Aquaedge 19dv Centrifugal Chiller With Environmentally Sustainable Refrigerant

Carrier unveiled its latest innovation, the new AquaEdge 19DV centrifugal chiller with Greenspeed intelligence and a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant. The breakthrough technology is being introduced in North America for the first time and delivers on customer demands for excellent performance, leading efficiency and environmental responsibility. Improvements in compression technology and integration of Carrier’s Greenspeed intelligence variable-speed technology enabled Carrier to significantly improve its centrifugal full- and part-load efficiencies. The result is the high-efficiency AquaEdge 19DV centrifugal chiller that saves energy costs and reduces environmental impact. “The AquaEdge 19DV chiller technology represents our commitment to deliver climate control solutions that respect and surpass our customer’s expectations for comfort and the environment,” says Greg Alcorn, vice president and general manager, Carrier Commercial Systems. The advanced two-stage compressor was designed and optimized for refrigerant R-1233zd(E), which has a GWP of 1.34 and an A1 safety classification per ASHRAE standard 34. The compressor’s low-speed direct drive back-to-back design significantly improves efficiency while balancing internal forces, enabling the use of energy-saving ceramic bearings that utilize the refrigerant already in the chiller as lubricant. The intuitive touch screen user interface provides graphical trending and remote access capability and can be mounted on any corner of the machine. Its simplicity, flexibility and performance make the AquaEdge 19DV easy to own and operate. PIC5+ controls for intelligent chiller management  Equipped with Carrier’s latest achievement in PIC5+ intelligent controls, and integrated with the Carrier lifecycle data management system, the AquaEdge 19DV allows users to easily track and analyze the chiller’s operational data, which helps to identify potential risks or areas for upgrading. The control system can also be linked to the user’s building automation system, enabling remote access to the chiller’s running data in real time. A smart connected chiller with Carrier SMART Service With the factory-installed addition of Carrier SMART Service, building owners and facility managers can now experience a new level of equipment connectivity solutions including: remote diagnostics, long-term performance trending, benchmarking, decision analytics, and advanced notifications. By leveraging new insights derived from these capabilities, Carrier SMART Service can help improve equipment reliability and reduce energy usage, maintenance expenses and resource consumption. High operational flexibility to respond to demanding situations The AquaEdge 19DV adopts multiple technologies to optimize itself for robust operation in various demanding scenarios. For instance, the Greenspeed intelligence, together with the unique compressor design that deploys one inlet guide vane for each of two stages, supports stable chiller operation at all times, even at 10 percent part load. This means consistent performance during off-peak hours in office buildings where computers operate at night. Also, PIC5+ controls allow swift restart in just 30 seconds in case of an unexpected power failure. This is extremely important for businesses like data centers where downtime can negatively impact their operations and bottom line.

Carrier Introduces Aquaforce 30xv Air-Cooled Screw Chiller With Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier is pleased to introduce the new AquaForce 30XV air-cooled screw chiller with Greenspeed intelligence. Powered by variable-speed technology that delivers best-in-class energy efficiency and a quieter operation, with a tiered approach for a broader operating range and design flexibility, the AquaForce 30XV is the next step in Carrier’s commitment to remain at the forefront of commercial climate control technology. Carrier’s relentless focus on innovation has yielded an industry-leading integrated part-load value, making it the most efficient chiller serving applications from 140 to 325 tons. The 30XV chiller line also offers a flexible, tiered approach to provide an optimally sized chiller to fit customer’s needs including the smallest footprint chiller to exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2013 specification. “The development of our AquaForce 30XV air-cooled chiller line continues our legacy of providing our customers with the most efficient heating and cooling equipment in the industry,” says Chris Opie, director, marketing, Carrier Commercial Systems. “This translates to a chiller that reduces energy costs, can operate in sound-sensitive applications and has the smallest footprint in its class.” The new line features variable-frequency drives for the compressors and fan motors along with advanced PIC5+ intelligent controls to help provide optimal chiller performance. The 30XV series chiller builds on Carrier’s growing portfolio of smart connected chillers, as well. With the addition of Carrier SMART Service as an available, factory-installed option, building owners and facility managers can now experience an entirely new level of equipment connectivity solutions including: remote diagnostics, long-term performance trending, benchmarking, decision analytics and advanced notifications. By leveraging new insights derived from these capabilities, Carrier SMART Service can help increase equipment reliability, reduce energy and maintenance expenses and lower resource consumption. The AquaForce 30XV chiller is ideally suited for office buildings, schools, data centers, hotels and hospitals and any other applications where a quieter operation, high efficiency and flexible footprint are essential.

Carrier Introduces New Toshiba Carrier Single-Phase Vrf Heat Recovery System

Carrier is pleased to introduce its new Toshiba Carrier single-phase variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat recovery system that will offer twinning capability to achieve greater capacity. This new VRF system is part of a larger introduction of Carrier commercial VRF products that offer greater installation flexibility, improved zoning control and enhanced efficiency. The Toshiba Carrier single-phase VRF heat recovery system is the first of its kind in the heating and cooling industry to offer coupling ability to increase tonnage capability. Modules are available in 6- and 12-tons and can be combined to form larger systems. The 6-ton unit can be paired with up to 12 multiple style indoor units while the 12-ton outdoor unit can be matched with up to 25 multiple style indoor units. The system is powered by a direct-drive, inverter-driven 64-step outdoor motor and features backup capability thanks to its multiple compressors. “We are excited to see the results of our focus on research and development translate into another heating and cooling solution that promises to deliver greater flexibility and efficiency for our customers,” says Meredith Emmerich, managing director, Ductless & VRF Solutions, Carrier. “We’re seeing a massive demand increase for VRF technology that allows engineers and architects to provide climate control with greater flexibility, zoning options and energy efficiency. Carrier is pleased to respond with a powerful system that can deliver what customers expect from our trusted brand.” The system comes equipped with up to 330 feet (100 m) of outdoor control wiring as well as 985 feet (300 m) of actual total system piping (liquid line). The operating temperature ranges from 14 degrees to 122 Fahrenheit for cooling and from -13 to 60 Fahrenheit in heating mode. The modules boast two or three inverter-driven twin rotary compressors and backup capability due to multiple compressors. “We continue to invest and innovate to ensure Carrier VRF products remain at the forefront of this accelerating trend in heating and cooling,” Emmerich says. “Carrier recognizes the value of providing the most efficient and flexible VRF solutions and is poised to deliver products and services that set the standard in the industry.”

Carrier Launches New Vrf System With Smallest Industry Footprint

Carrier is pleased to announce the release of the new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) two-pipe heat pump and heat recovery systems line offering the most flexible, efficient and comprehensive portfolio of VRF products to our customers. The new two-pipe heat pump and heat recovery VRF systems line offers a modular design and the industry’s most compact 20-ton heat recovery unit, which will save valuable space. “AHR Expo is the ideal venue for Carrier to introduce our latest VRF product and to reassert our position as the leader in this growing field of the heating and cooling industry,” says Meredith Emmerich, managing director, Carrier, Ductless & VRF. “Two years ago here at AHR Expo, we announced our expansion into this field and this year we are here to demonstrate that our focus remains on innovation and meeting customer’s exacting requirements.” These new products will offer a tonnage range of up to 36 tons for heat pump systems, up to 28 tons on heat recovery systems, and multiple styles of indoor units with a variety of controls offerings. The heat pump is a modular design available as single, dual and triple modules while the heat recovery system is a single-cabinet design with small, medium and large cabinet offerings. The systems are equipped with direct-drive, inverter-driven asymmetric scroll compressors with backup capability available on some models based on tonnage. “Our 20-ton heat recovery system has a nearly 30-percent smaller footprint compared to the competition, which saves space and reduces structural design costs for our customers,” says Emmerich. “The VRF industry is an essential focus for Carrier and our latest product innovation is evidence of our commitment to growing the product line and providing our customers the products they need for today’s demanding building environments.” Read More
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