Carrier Transicold At Solutrans 2017

Carrier Transicold Showcases Innovative Services And Telematics Solutions

Temperature traceability of cargo is an important issue for refrigerated transport providers and Carrier Transicold’s DataCOLD 600 temperature recorder and COLDTrans, an innovative web-based telematics solution, can help transport providers meet today’s regulations and bring better visibility to the cold chain. Carrier Transicold, operating in France as Carrier Transicold France, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. "Innovation is part of Carrier Transicold’s DNA,” said Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, general manager, Carrier Transicold Southern Europe. “Food safety is a high customer priority. With the innovative system of connectivity provided by the DataCOLD 600 recorders and COLDTrans telematics, Carrier Transicold helps to improve cold chain control and visibility to ensure temperature-sensitive cargo’s integrity and freshness." Using direct communication with the transport refrigeration unit microprocessor, the COLDTrans solution provides access to real-time and historical temperature reports, set point visualization, real-time GPS position information, and alarm code information (door openings, temperature variations) via text and email. It also remotely monitors refrigeration unit running hours in electric or diesel mode. This real-time data allows fleet managers to reduce downtime, optimize maintenance and manage trailer routes. All of these features combine to enable fleet managers to optimize their refrigerated transport fleets while improving service to customers. The DataCOLD range is fully-compliant with European legislation for transport of frozen food, in particular, European standard EN12830. The system ensures traceability of the units throughout the cold chain. The data can be stored for several years and used for trending reports. The reports and alarms can be customized for the customer and integrated into existing web systems. Carrier Transicold's redesigned everCOLD full-service maintenance package provides customers with several options, including international coverage, regulatory checks, or service and repair of ancillary devices such as temperature recorders and telematics systems. Fleet managers can pay monthly, quarterly or annually, with the advantage of knowing exact costs for the duration of the contract, regardless of how much maintenance is required or when the need for maintenance is identified. New everCOLD agreements include all recommended maintenance carried out by manufacturer-trained technicians using genuine performance parts. The everCOLD package also provides full access to oneCALL 24/7 year-round breakdown assistance and Carrier Transicold’s extensive service network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which features more than 600 service centers.

Carrier Transicold Highlights Engineless Transport Refrigeration Technology

Carrier Transicold will display its latest high-technology solutions for an enhanced cold chain at the Solutrans Show in Lyon – featuring its new engineless refrigeration range for over-the-road transport. This new generation of transport refrigeration technology aims to improve sustainability for fleets and is ideal for urban distribution routes requiring a high cooling capacity from low engine speed and with limited impact on the environment. Carrier Transicold, operating in France as Carrier Transicold France, is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.
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The new engineless refrigeration units have attracted intense interest from customers this year,” said Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, managing director, Southern Europe, Carrier Transicold. “These units help improve sustainability for fleets while also providing complete cold chain compliance. This new technology operates with Carrier Transicold’s ECO-DRIVE GenSet unit to harvest power from the truck’s engine. When mounted to a commercial vehicle, the ECO-DRIVE GenSet is driven by a hydro pump connected to the truck’s power take-off motor. The hydraulic system drives a generator that delivers electrical power to the host Carrier Transicold unit, without any requirement for the refrigeration unit to use its own diesel engine. Integrated into the hydraulic system is a control unit that ensures the generator consistently runs the same number of revolutions. This maintains constant power even when the truck is idling in heavy traffic – eliminating the need for the driver to rev the truck’s engine to provide sufficient cooling power. In addition to the ECO-DRIVE GenSets, Carrier Transicold now offers a full range of engineless refrigeration units for trucks in single or multi-temperature, providing a cooling capacity of up to 18 kilowatts. Additionally, the fuel consumption of trucks equipped with the new unit is measurably lower than those using refrigeration units that require their own engine. This engineless technology is compatible with natural gas as well as conventional diesel truck engines.

Carrier Transicold Premieres Compressed Natural Gas-Powered Supra Refrigeration Unit

Carrier Transicold’s new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Supra multi-temperature refrigeration unit made its world premiere at the Solutrans Show this week. The new, high-performance refrigeration solution will significantly reduce emissions while also increasing operator efficiencies. Carrier Transicold, which operates in France as Carrier Transicold France, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. A day after its world premiere, Carrier Transicold’s new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Supra multi-temperature truck refrigeration prototype unit has won the Innovation Award (bronze) in the equipment category presented by the Solutrans 2017 committee. The new unit is a high performance, sustainable solution that helps significantly reduce emissions and increase operator efficiencies. “At Carrier Transicold, our focus has always been on developing sustainable refrigeration solutions for our customers,” said Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, managing director, Southern Europe, Carrier Transicold. “We expect the new CNG-powered Supra unit will help speed up the energy transition in urban transport refrigeration, particularly as the use of diesel may be increasingly limited in some European cities. Designed to use a single fuel source to power both the engine on a CNG-powered truck and the refrigeration unit, the Supra unit requires just a single refill point for both, which can save time and money and help increase operator productivity. But the benefits extend beyond just a reduction in overall costs, there is an environmental component as well. Using natural gas enables significant reductions in emissions — 95 per cent fewer particulate emissions, 70 per cent fewer nitrogen oxide emissions and 20 per cent fewer CO2 emissions Petit Forestier, a leading refrigeration rental company in Europe, has already trialed the new Carrier Transicold innovation. “With our face to the future and eyes on tomorrow’s world, Petit Forestier strives to fully integrate sustainable development throughout the company's life cycle,” said Arnaud de Cespedes, president, Petit Forestier. “Working with Carrier Transicold and Iveco, we are excited about this innovative CNG-powered solution because it combines environmental sustainability with efficient operational technology for our customers.” Petit Forestier, along with Iveco, is now showcasing the first Eurocargo 16-ton rigid truck that runs exclusively on natural gas for both its drive engine and refrigeration unit. It can be seen at the Petit Forestier stand 4P205. Transports Perrenot, a large French transport company and delivery provider for Carrefour, a mass retailer in France, have also pioneered Carrier Transicold’s CNG-powered Supra, using the unit on a 19-ton rigid Iveco Stralis truck for deliveries to Carrefour stores throughout Paris. The Supra unit is ideal for urban distribution, offering fresh and frozen multi-temperature applications in up to three compartments. Fitted with an independent tank for the natural gas engine of the refrigeration unit, the CNG-powered unit maintains cold chain integrity, allowing for full autonomy of the refrigeration unit even when the truck is idling. In addition, CNG refrigeration unit engines reduce noise and vibrations, as well as fumes and smoke as compared to compression ignition diesel engines, which helps improve operating conditions for the driver and the communities they serve. Noise reduction is important for truck deliveries in high density urban areas in the morning or late at night, as more municipalities across Europe enact noise ordinances.

Carrier Transicold's Natural Refrigerant Trailer Prototype Unit Makes Solutrans Show Debut With Biocoop

La Société des Transports Biocoop (Biocoop Transport Company) will become the first customer in France to take delivery of Carrier Transicold’s prototype natural refrigeration trailer unit. The system -- winner of the environment category in the prestigious Trailer Innovation Awards 2017 – is featured on a new trailer, which will be displayed at Carrier Transicold’s outdoor stand EXT2 – 008. Carrier Transicold, operating in France as Carrier Transicold France, is part of the UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. Société de Transport Biocoop, the transportation division that handles distribution for the Biocoop network of stores throughout France, will be testing the new prototype unit in a three-year technology field trial, with the trailer used for regular store deliveries and pick-ups from producers and suppliers. Over the last year, three other natural refrigerant trailer prototype units have seen success in the UK (Sainsbury’s), Germany (Netto Marken Discount) and the Netherlands (Simon Loos). "Delivering this natural refrigerant trailer prototype into service marks another significant milestone in the development of over-the-road refrigeration using carbon dioxide (CO2)," said David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems. "Our ultimate vision is to see temperature-controlled units running on natural refrigerant in mainstream production." The prototype operates with CO2, which is extracted from the atmosphere and stays inside the refrigeration circuit in a closed loop system to deliver sustainable cooling. It uses advanced technology from Carrier Transicold’s NaturaLINE container refrigeration system, assembled inside a traditional Vector unit chassis and powered by the same patented E-Drive all-electric technology as the existing Vector range. CO2 is a safe and non-ozone depleting gas with a global warming potential of one, making it the baseline against which all other refrigerants currently considered for use in transport refrigeration are measured. "Sustainable development is at the center of Biocoop’s business strategy,” said Jacques Chapin, director, Société de Transports Biocoop. “When Carrier Transicold proposed a test of the new CO2 prototype refrigeration unit, we immediately wanted to take part in it. The delivery of this prototype unit is great step forward for the transport industry and we are excited about its potential for helping us achieve our environmental and sustainability objectives. " Biocoop signed the "ADEME CO2 Objective" charter in 2012 – a road transport industry initiative - and reiterated its environmental sustainability commitment in 2015 with a new goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 5 percent by 2018. Carrier Transicold’s natural refrigerant trailer prototype unit will help them achieve that.

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