Carrier Transicold Launches CITIMAX D Series

Date: 09 July 2024
Carrier Transicold Launches CITIMAX D Series
Carrier Transicold released a new generation of intelligent refrigeration units, the CITIMAX D series, at the 16th Global Food Cold Chain Conference held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on July 1. Carrier Transicold presented its new solutions for cold chain development to more than 1,000 experts and business executives at the event, which had a theme of “Global Connection, Cross-Border Integration.” 

"Around the world, electrification, intelligence, digitalization and sustainability are the trends of the future for cold chain equipment technology,” said Bo Xu, Senior Product Manager of Carrier Transicold Asia Pacific, during a keynote speech. “Cold chain equipment businesses are challenged to incorporate the concept of environmental protection into product design, adopt digital simulation software into the product development process, and use intelligent testing systems to ensure the reliability of the product. Together, these trends further improve product energy efficiency and promote the iterative upgrading of cold chain equipment."

The performance and control logic of the CITIMAX D series refrigeration units have been comprehensively upgraded to provide customers with a faster, lighter, more economical and smarter experience.

In terms of performance, the CITIMAX D series unit’s precooling speed can be improved by an average of 22%, compared to previous CITIMAX units, greatly improving transport efficiency. At the same time, the new series has a more compact, lightweight design. The condenser size has been reduced by 50% and the body weight is also reduced by more than 25%. Together with the ultra-thin tilted return air evaporator design, it can help customers improve the operation efficiency of the units and reduce the fleet operation cost.

The CITIMAX D series unit is equipped with a new generation of the IntellitrixTM intelligent controller. It has a 3.2-inch large screen and full interface graphic display, supports data recording and querying and offers remote transmission, offering a smarter experience for customers and helping the industry upgrade to an intelligent cold chain.

“Under the guidance of the 14th Five-Year Plan for Cold Chain Logistics, cold chain logistics will effectively penetrate every aspect of people’s lives,” said Cynthia Lu, Managing Director of Carrier Transicold Asia Pacific. “As a leader in the industry, Carrier Transicold promotes high-quality, sustainable development. The CITIMAX D series combines Carrier Transicold’s years of Research & Development and practical experience to provide a more efficient and leaner solution for high-frequency urban cold chain distribution.”
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