Carrier Transicold’s New Supra S10 Truck Unit

Date: 20 October 2021
Carrier Transicold’s New Supra S10 Truck Unit

The Supra S10 diesel-powered truck refrigeration unit is the new performance leader from Carrier Transicold, with greater refrigeration and freezing capacity for larger trucks while also offering improved efficiency and fuel economy.

“The Supra S10 unit is ideal for local and regional cold chain distribution operations where the largest box trucks require maximum refrigeration performance,” said Scott Parker, Product Manager – Truck Products, Carrier Transicold. “With exceptional capacity, airflow and overall performance wrapped up in a sleek new design, this innovative powerhouse is well-suited for producers and distributors of perishable and frozen products, including meat, seafood, produce, dairy and pharmaceuticals.”

This fifth model in the Supra line will be available through Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network in early 2022 and completes a multi-year initiative transforming the single-temperature models with exclusive next-generation technologies. Key features of the Supra S10 unit include:

  • 37,000 BTU capacity at 35 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the most powerful truck refrigeration unit in North America, surpassing its nearest competition by 6% and the Carrier Transicold model it succeeds, the Supra 960, by 16%.
  • Three engine speeds, rather than two, delivering lower RPMs for reduced noise and improved fuel economy.
  • Streamlined, weight-saving architecture that uses fewer unique components than its predecessor, reducing system weight by 24%.
  • APX control technology, providing intelligent performance optimization, automatic trip data recording and enhanced system diagnostics.
  • Environmental improvements, using 45% less refrigerant than the model it succeeds and giving users a choice of traditional R-404A refrigerant or the new R-452A refrigerant with nearly half the global warming potential. By reducing fuel consumption through improved efficiency, related emissions are also reduced.
  • Reduced service requirements, including an extended oil service interval of 2,000 hours and greater use of maintenance-free components.
  • Improved aesthetics with a wrap-around honeycomb grille that provides a contemporary appearance and can be easily removed for service.

The Supra S10 unit seamlessly integrates with Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions telematics platform, enabling capabilities such as remote monitoring and control of the refrigeration system, GPS location data, geofencing and more.

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