Castel presented Electronic Oil Level Regulators series 56

Date: 13 September 2021
Castel presented Electronic Oil Level Regulators series 56
Profiting from the synergy between the optical sensor and the sophisticated control logic, the 56 family of electronic oil level regulators, makes the control and the regulation of the oil very easy and responsive in all installation conditions, both on new systems and as a replacement for existing systems.
Within the 56 range, the regulators can be chosen to work with all refrigerants, indeed they present versions for both the Polyhedra and the GoGreen family. This means they can operate from pressures of 50 bar up to pressures of 150 bar. 

Castel oil regulators always displayed some clever technical solutions which makes it possible to perform correct and precise readings even in the presence of foam, dirt or acidity of the oil. Also, they include status LEDs on both sides of the regulator body, for greatest visibility. On top of all these features, we have recently added the capability to adapt to all pressure drops. The customization of the regulator starts from the choice of the correct adapter, choosing from the long list of those available, then from the choice of the correct orifice in case of specific applications up to the possibility of customizing the “refill” logic. In case of low oil level alarm, you can choose between stopping the cycle of oil refilling or continue to send oil to the crankcase for a customized period of time.

In this case the alarm contact could be used to send the signal to the board instead of stopping the compressor, in order to maximize the uptime of the system. 

The choice of an electronic oil regulator from Castel is very simple, thanks to its adaptability, the company’s support service is always ready to assist in the various customizations. 
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