CELLAR+ Cellar Coolers now available

Date: 21 April 2021
CELLAR+ Cellar Coolers now available

The J & E Hall Cellar Plus Cooling System range now includes nine models. The new 7kW and 8kW cellar coolers with their increased capacity and longer pipe runs are suitable for multiple cooling uses which reach industries beyond pubs, bars and restaurants.

With a temperature range of 4°C to 15°C they have the versatility to offer product cooling in different industries. They are ideal for cold storage and the J & E Hall Cellar Plus Cooling System can prolong the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature-controlled environment. These compact cooling systems are also used in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors where they can help with blood and vaccine storage.

The nine models in the range operate at capacities from 2.87kW to 8kW. The indoor unit was developed specifically for cellar cooling and has six fins per inch brewery specification evaporator coils which makes them easy to clean and maintain.

J & E Hall UK Sales Manager for Commercial Products Paul McDermott said: “They are sold as a system with the condensing unit, controller and evaporator from the same manufacturer all included, often not the case with a typical cooling system, and this helps with the installation. J & E Hall Cellar Plus Cooling Systems are tried and tested, reliable and cost effective. Add the pipework, charge the system with refrigerant and switch the electricity on. It really is not much more complicated than that for the competent installer.”

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