CHEREAU multiplexed semitrailer preview

2- 3 of July, during a factory visits gathering the journalists that have requested a factory presentation during the past years, CHEREAU created the surprise by revealing the first multiplexed refrigerated semitrailer. CHEREAU will launch in November at Solutrans this fully new generation of vehicle. The company will reveal more functionalities month after month before Solutrans following the agenda below : September: the connection between the trailer and the tractor unit October: brand new functionalities for more driver ergonomic, comfort and efficiency November: innovative safety features. What is multiplexing? According to the Larousse French dictionary, multiplexing is a technique that uses a single cable or channel to link various electrical or digital data systems, in this case within a vehicle. Multiplexing reduces both cable length and the number of connections. In practical terms, on a vehicle such as a refrigerated semi-trailer, it therefore means networking the vehicle’s key systems through sensors, so that all data related to their utilisation can be assembled together at one point and, from there, these elements can be made to interact with each other. Although the external appearance of the vehicle doesn’t change very much, the multiplexed architecture changes everything. Customer advantage number 1: - CONNECTIVITY WITH THE HAULER: For the first time, the hauler and the semi-trailer form a homogeneous assembly. Previously, communication between the two units was limited to data concerning braking and lighting. Now, thanks to multiplexing, haulers can receive key data from the semi-trailer on the dashboard, for example: temperature, refrigeration unit alarms, fuel level, open-door warnings, etc. Customer advantage number 2: - ERGONOMY: More automatic systems, for enhanced comfort and productivity. By installing instruments on certain elements, such as the rear doors, so that they are connected to the CAN bus, automatic systems can be created that enhance the ergonomics. For example: the tail platform rises, the SmartOpen-C opens, the vehicle interior LED lighting lights up, the refrigeration unit is deactivated and the AirShutterC air blind is activated. Multiplexing also allows the grouped control of all vehicle functions from inside the vehicle, which is a major advantage for all dock operations. Customer advantage number 3: - SAFETY: new safety functions for enhanced user service. Coupling functions together significantly increases the safety level provided for the drivers and other road users. For example, the SmartOpen-C rear door, while closing, causes the interior lighting to flash, in order to warn anyone who may be inside the vehicle. It is also possible to warn the driver and prevent the vehicle engine starting, if the tail platform is deployed or the box door open. These are only examples of the many original functions that will be vailable on the CHEREAU multiplexed semi-trailer. Customer advantage number 4: - CONNECTIVITY: A "plug and connect" system. Gathering together all the data for the systems present in the network at one point, offers an abundance of data that can be sent to any other remote data system through the "plug and connect" principle, i.e. without having to add sensors, or having to rewire a wiring network on the vehicle. An undeniable time-saver, with enhanced reliability. Customer advantage number 5: - VEHICLE SERVICING: Easy trouble shooting and preventive maintenance. The CHEREAU multiplexed semi-trailer has a troubleshooting socket, which allows any fault codes to be identified, thus facilitating maintenance in the same way as in motor vehicles. The number of cycles of a system such as SmartOpen-C is also indicated, in order to allow effective preventive maintenance. Multiplexing offers dozens of new functions that will allow our customers to use their equipment even more effectively, and with enhanced productivity and safety. CHEREAU has been working on this project for more than three years. After the prototyping phase and the pre-production models tested by selected customers, this new generation of CHEREAU semi-trailers will be marketed following the SOLUTRANS trade show. In the meantime, we will gradually reveal the innovative functions offered by the CHEREAU semi-trailer, based on this technology. Therefore, in the lead up to Solutrans, you will receive exclusive information every month, related to the new functions provided by this cutting-edge technology. Read More
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