Clivet presented new air cooled reversible heat pump THUNDER

Date: 24 April 2024
Clivet presented new air cooled reversible heat pump THUNDER

THUNDER (WiSAN-P) is the new air cooled reversible heat pump for outdoor installation with natural refrigerant, suitable for high water temperature production, equipped with inverter scroll compressors specifically designed for the use of R290, and inverter fans.

The WiSAN-P range from 35 to 73 kW, is the ideal solution to meet different kind of applications, from new installation to refurbishment, thanks to the full inverter technology, wide operating envelope and modular installation.

It's available in a single energy version, with outstanding seasonal efficiency levels both in low and medium temperature heating applications (SCOP W35 up to 4,7 and SCOP W55 up to 3,6).
The range is able to provide high leaving water temperature production and is suitable for colder climate thanks to the wide operating range, keeping always very low noise emissions.

Design safety concepts

To guarantee always the highest safeness during the unit operation, some additional safety measures are included as standard on the whole range:

  • Double leak detector sensors, installed one in the refrigerant circuit box and the second one in the electrical control box, to detect any possible refrigerant leakage;
  • ATEX extraction fan in the refrigerant circuit box, activated whenever some leakage is detected (shutting at the same time off the compressors);
  • Switch selector to autonomously activate the ATEX extraction fan for maximum safety during maintenance activities;
  • Degasser filter for single unit can be provided as separate accessory to be installed on the hydraulic side, guaranteeing any leakage cannot enter the buliding.

Further strengths

Near zero GWP solution

The use of R290 refrigerant, with a ultra-low GWP (Global Warming Potential = 3), guarantees a negligible environmental impact compared to traditional solutions, and make the range perfectly in line with the latest step of the phase-out plan for HFC refrigerants approved by the European union.

Advanced technology

Inverter scroll compressors, high efficiency DC fans with variable speed control, Copper aluminum coils with hydrophilic treatment and drain tray with dedicated electric heater as standard, are some of the technologies available that allow:

  • Perfectly match the cooling load of the plant in any condition;
  • Follow the load also with a great staging;
  • Ensure high efficiency values, reducing operating costs;
  • Ensure negligible start-up current.

Operate in a  Low noise operation

The THUNDER range offers 3 different acoustic levels, without changing the unit dimensions:

  • Acoustic configuration with compressor soundproofing (SC): basic version;
  • Silenced acoustic configuration (LN): from -2 to -4 dB (A) less compared to SC version;
  • Super-silenced acoustic configuration (EN): from -6 to -10 dB (A) less compared to SC version.

The capacity range for standard silent and super-silent configurations varies according also to the chosen level, selectable through the unit HMI:

  • Acoustic configuration with compressor soundproofing (SC): Range 35 - 73 kW;
  • Silenced acoustic configuration (LN): Range 32 - 63 kW;
  • Super-silenced acoustic configuration (EN): Range 27 - 53 kW.

Maximum adaptability

The capacity modulation from 100% to 30% and the enhanced operating limits that guarantee the operation all year round, are able to satisfy the requirement of multiple operating conditions.

Extended operating limits

Due to dedicated design, which has as main target optimized heating performances, the new THUNDER allows:

  • Leaving water temperature up to 75°C from -5°C to 30°C ambient;
  • Leaving water temperature up to 70°C from -10°C to 30°C ambient; 
  • Leaving water temperature up to 65°C from -15°C to 35°C ambient;
  • Leaving water temperature up to 55°C from -20°C to 37°C ambient;
  • Operating down to -20°C ambient with leaving water temperature up to 55°C.

Many options and accessories available:

  • Hydropack with 1 inverter pump;
  • Hydropack with 1+1 inverter pump (1 running and 1 as back-up);
  • Storage tank ;
  • Additional condensing coil treatment for aggressive environments;
  • 3-way valve for domestic hot water production;
  • Modular connection kit for up to 6 units cascade also from hydraulic point of view.

Cascade management

THUNDER is designed to connect up to 16 units in a local network, and up to 6 units from hydraulic point view using the dedicated kit (AMODX).

Additional functions board (REMAU) as standard

Thanks to the enhanced control box design, THUNDER features as standard many additional functions to better fit each specific installation requirement:

  • Remote on/off;
  • Heat/cool (summer/winter switch);
  • DHW production management;
  • Double set-point management;
  • Set-point compensation based on outdoor ambient temperature;
  • Auxiliary heating generator management;
  • Smart Grid function;
  • EVU lock function;
  • Demand limit;
  • Energy metering (ENEMON);
  • Activation of noise configuration versions (selectable on the user interface).
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