Clivet presents outdoor units Mini VRF MSAN6

Date: 03 June 2021
Clivet presents outdoor units Mini VRF MSAN6
The first is the new series of outdoor units Mini VRF MSAN6, available in single units from 20 kW to 33.5 kW replacing the equivalent sizes of current Mini VRF MSAN series and enlarging the lineup with the two new 28.5 kW and 33.5 kW sizes.
As a complement to the VRF lineup, Clivet presents also the new cross-flow enthalpic heat recovery ventilators HRV-2B from 200 m3/h to 2000 m3/h introducing multiple advanced functionalities for a higher application flexibility and a better indoor air quality control, such as the possibility to control the ventilation unit according to the CO2 sensor included in the unit.

Mini VRF MSAN6 Outdoor Units – main news:
  • New 28.5 kW and 33.5 kW
  • Higher seasonal efficiency
  • Extended operating range down to -20 °C in heating
  • Higher number of indoor units connectable
  • Longer piping length
  • Automatic address
  • Eurovent certified series
HRV-2B Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit – main news:
  • CO2 sensor built-in to automatically control ventilation according to actual CO2 concentration measured
  • G4 filter as standard, F7 available as accessory
  • Smart input/output contacts for practical logics on field (input on/off and forced exhaust mode, output alarm, fan status and 3rd party pre-heater start)
  • Compatible with WDC-120G/WK wired controller as other VRF indoor units
  • Multiple advanced functions by wired controller (CO2 concentration function, interlock with other VRF indoor units, weekly schedule, possible 3rd pre-heater activation, group control up to 16 units)
  • Now available also on Clivet VRF Selection Software
Find out more on our website about: CO2

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