Clivet's AURA product range becomes whole with four pipes and front intake versions

Date: 15 March 2021
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The floor/ceiling fancoil catalogue expands to include units with four pipes configuration, for system with simultaneous heating and cooling.

Additionally, units with front air intake are now available, suitable when product height is sensitive (ex. under windows).

New configurations inherit the accessories already present in the catalogue:

  • 3 way on/off valves kit
  • auxiliary drain pan
  • dedicated user interface for on-board or wall installation
  • Feet kit

Wide connectivity features are present as standard also for the new models in their DC motor version:

  • 0-10V input for fan speed control
  • Modbus port
  • Compatibility with ELFOControl3 EVO
  • Compatibility with centralized controls (CCM-30; CCM-180; CCM-270)
  • Backward compatibility with user interface KJR-90 and three speed controls

AC motor models can also connect to Modbus BMS systems and ELFOControl3 EVO by optional user interface KJRP-86.

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