CO2 Test And Charging Manifold


Ritchie Engineering Company has introduced a new manifold and hoses designed for transcritical CO2 applications.

Manifold and hoses designed specifically for transcritical CO2 (R-744) applications.

The Yellow Jacket Titantm Test and Charging Manifold for transcritical CO2 systems is constructed with a forged aluminum alloy body making it lightweight for handling ease and durability. No sightglass means added safety. It features true 45° SAE flare hoses 200 cm in length.

    <li>Large, easy-to-read 3-1/8″ (80 mm) liquid-filled red and blue, 1% accuracy (Class 1) gauges; PSI/bar</li>
    <li>Proven, double “O”-ring piston for reliability and long service life.</li>
    <li>Exclusive 100 mesh filter in-line on all flare fittings helps keep out particulate material and extends the life of the seats.</li>
    <li>Fourth hose to enable connection to hi/lo sides, refrigerant tank, and vacuum pump for diagnostics, evacuation and charging without switching hoses.</li>
    <li>3/8″ vacuum port for use with larger hose to cut evacuation time by up to 33% (all other fittings on unit are 1/4”).</li>
    <li>Dedicated transcritical CO2 hose 200 cm in length</li>
    <li>Includes plastic carrying case</li>
    <li>Made in U.S.A.</li>
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