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Over two decades, the group of companies "Fresco" in the market of industrial refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration units and installation, chillers, central, ice flake ice, spare parts and components for refrigerating machines are available in two production sites in Lyubertsy Moscow Region and in Gagarin, Smolensk Oblast. GC "Fresco" is a Russian distributor manufactures refrigeration compressors: FRASCOLD (Italy) and HANBELL (Taiwan), and these technologically advanced and highly reliable compressors are used in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment. Customers are able to use the equipment full range of services from design to installation of refrigeration systems and commissioning.   GC "Fresco" has the status of authorized service and repair center companies and HANBELL FRASCOLD. Experts Group were trained on the manufacturer of compressors and have a certificate confirming their high qualifications. In addition, its production base GC "Fresco" repairing screw and reciprocating compressors domestic production.   fresco fresco1   Group of companies "Fresco" offers liquid cooling plant (chillers) semi-hermetic screw compressors HANBELL for use in air conditioning systems and the various processes in the food, chemical and other industries. HANBELL company produces extremely wide range of screw semi-hermetic compressors, which includes 28 models with volume capacity from 98 to 1520 m3/hr. Type series chillers designed designers GC "Fresco", consists of 17 models with high coolant temperature range +3 ... +11 ° C, and 17 medium-range models with coolant temperature -7 ° ... 1. For customers who prefer to install a gland (open) compressors, refrigeration units made ​​on the basis of seven models packing HANBELL compressors with volume capacity from 193 to 1500 m3/hr.   Developed a line of compressors Receiver and condensing units with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors FRASCOLD and commercial production of these units. Four operating modes, two versions and a wide range of options allows us to offer customers equipment that meets all their needs. Technical department of the group of companies "Fresco" design and manufacturing documentation for the production of flake ice production unit (evaporation unit ice maker). In it introduced modern developments in the field of materials and processes in order to achieve competitiveness in quality and price.   Ice machine lineup includes 10 models with capacities from 0.7 to 5 tons of ice per day. Group of companies "Fresco" plans to expand range of ice machines to meet customer needs for improved performance machines.

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