Comark Instruments introduces Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System for automated temperature monitoring

Date: 29 September 2022
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Comark Instruments, a manufacturer of temperature measurement products and systems, announces the general availability of Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System and Diligence Cloud. The medical-grade temperature monitoring system consists of wireless transmitters with measurement points transmitting data to the Diligence Cloud. Automated temperature monitoring means manual checks are no longer needed, saving employees time to do their daily job. 
Diligence 600 and Diligence Cloud provide always-on monitoring to identify when the temperature goes outside the set range and alerts the user until the alarm is acknowledged. The always-on alarm is especially important for healthcare and life science organisations storing medicines and laboratory samples where critical inventory needs to be protected from loss due to a refrigeration failure. The Diligence Cloud, cloud-based data storage and management platform, enable customers to manage their temperature monitoring for multiple locations and add more monitoring points when needed. In addition to temperature monitoring, the system can measure other parameters like humidity, pressure, and CO2.

The Diligence Cloud design was driven by 21 CFR part 11 requirements for electronic records to ensure that organisations needing to comply with FDA, MHRA and CQC regulations can have their temperature records automated and audit trails paperless. Our systems and process have been built to ensure data privacy and all data is owned by the customer. Data is transmitted securely via your existing WiFi network using the latest encryption protocols. 

Diligence 600 transmitters are designed and manufactured to monitor temperature reliably, accurately, and with stability delivering customers efficient wireless monitoring. The Diligence 600 system uses the organisation’s WiFi network to connect to Diligence Cloud, removing the need for on-site radio surveys or expensive radio gateway devices. 

Mike Slevin, Product and Marketing Director at Fluke, said: “Organisations are looking for ways to automate their operations to save employees’ time and reduce errors on record keeping. The Diligence 600 system can do this for temperature monitoring cost-effectively. We are excited to launch the Diligence 600 WiFi Monitoring System and Diligence Cloud. The cloud platform not only enables users today to get unparalleled access to their data and improve automation, but also ensures the system is future-proofed as Comark continues to add functionality and improvements in the future.”

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