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Our company has over 13 years specializing in the design and complex equipment "turnkey", repair and maintenance of refrigeration, commercial and restaurant equipment, both new and used / y. During its existence, has established itself as a reliable partner in the priorities which will and interests of the client, and the quality and speed of execution. We are always available, both new and used / equipment for shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Our main activities are: sale of refrigeration equipment and cold rooms; sale of commercial and storage equipment; sale of equipment for restaurants; repair of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment; installation of equipment; servicing of refrigeration and restaurant equipment. Company "Extra Ice" - a fast, reliable help on any issue in the field of refrigeration and restaurant equipment. Our company employs professionals in the field of walking equipment, so you can count on low prices and a good approach to solving your problems. Over the years, formed a competent sales team, who will select the appropriate option refrigeration equipment, calculate its cost and postage. Flexible system of discounts, which gives us the opportunity to find an individual approach to each client. The main directions of the department are: cold storage for products flower Camera shock freezing commercial refrigeration equipment showcase Cabinets GEL Bonnets slides monoblocks split-system shelves restaurant equipment plate cutting tables Purifiers combi oven fryer Cases roasting, baking and many other equipment. refrigeration equipment In industrial applications of refrigeration equipment is widely used in industrial processes that require cooling, freezing and long-term storage. Commercial refrigeration equipment - the most common type of artificial cold. Food and flower shops, shops and restaurants all over the place post on their areas of cooling and freezing devices: refrigerated cabinets and counters, Bonnets, refrigerated display cases, refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated sideboards, freezers and many others Shopping artificial cold designed for different temperature regimes, which are designed to perform a variety of technological challenges. In general terms, isolated cooling trade showcases and counters with a low-temperature performance, medium-, and combined modes. refrigerated counters Rational arrangement of commercial and refrigeration equipment on the trading floor - the first step towards the buyer, the conquest of his interest, and as a result, increase sales. Hardware stores - perhaps the second most important aspect of organizing a successful retailer, after selection of a successful vibrant locations of the building of the outlet. Among the huge variety of commercial and refrigeration equipment can be identified as a separate line sales counters. This business equipment is one of the pioneers of the whole trading process. Since the beginning of trade as such, for the open display of goods used commercial furniture, reminiscent of modern counters. Cooling and freezing showcases today are an indispensable element of the equipment sales areas, as well as part of the design of the store. Having bought a medium temperature refrigeration showcase, you will be able to provide storage conditions sausages, dairy products, cheeses and salads at a temperature of from 0 to 7 degrees. Freezer showcases are designed for storage of frozen foods such as seafood, a variety of semi-finished products, ice cream. Operating temperature range freezer showcases from 0 to - 18 degrees. For sale of refrigerated meat and fish products require refrigeration showcase with a combined temperature control from -6 to +6 degrees. We sell products under various brands: Gulf Stream, Crispi, Kifato, Brandford, Arneg, refrigeration equipment Marikholodmash, POLAIR and others. Refrigerating and freezing equipment, realized by our company meets the highest requirements and as close as possible to the European level of quality. refrigerated cabinets Trading companies, the pharmaceutical industry and companies providing catering services within the scope of practical application of freezers and refrigerated cabinets. Refrigerated cabinets - a refrigeration profiling function, which is stored in the refrigerated or frozen products, and drugs that require low-temperature storage. Refrigerated cabinets can be operated at a temperature range of the environment outside the limited range of +12 to +40 degrees. Depending on the purpose and the species placed in the refrigeration unit products are distinguished for medium, low-temperature and combined coolers. Inner useful volume is selected in accordance with the number of products placed in storage in a refrigerator. Chest freezers In spring and summer freezers have become one of the most important types of commercial refrigeration equipment. freezer laryam because GEL suitable for use in most retail outlets in various formats, from hypermarkets to small pavilions or even in the street trade. The advantages of this device are small in size, simple operation, simultaneous display and storage products. Currently on the market of commercial refrigeration equipment - a huge selection of chest freezers of different brands and different climatic class. Among manufacturers, well-proven, are the following: Derby, Frostor, Dhankar, Italfrost, Argos and others. Cold rooms Cold rooms - is a modular collapsible design of sandwich panels, which can be assembled and installed almost anywhere in commercial enterprise. Temperature conditions in the chamber depending on the structural features (e.g., thick panel) as well as the type and parameters of the camera mounted monoblock or split systems. Cold rooms for trade on the temperature conditions are divided into medium temperatures (+5 to -5 ° C), low temperature (-5 to -25 ° C) and the so-called shock freezing chamber, to maintain the temperature to -35 ° C. Cameras come equipped with various types of doors - hinged, sliding, swinging less often - and can be as deaf as well as glass. Last advisable to choose in the event that if the camera is mounted on the trading floor to the seller clearly visible. The basis of the collection chamber - the unit is designed as a monoblock or split system (consists of two parts - the condensing unit, which is mounted outside the refrigerating and air cooler, which is mounted inside the chamber). In this case, the aggregate of the split system is displayed outside the business premises, often in basements or separate rooms. To dampen noise and vibration when installing refrigeration units mounted on a high-power special rubber pads that dampen vibrato motors. Metal trading Metal trading is a very important sector. Collapsible racks are designed to accommodate a wide range of products in the trading floors of supermarkets, shops of various purposes. The load on the shelf rack is up to 200 kg. Load shelving section 500 kg. The height-adjustable shelf-metal reinforced with stiffening ribs, and have a width 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 mm. Brackets under the shelves are made of metal thickness of 3 mm. The maximum depth of the rack 900 mm. (limited by the depth of the rack). The height of the rack 1600 to 2500 mm. Convenient and reliable mounting shelves and panels allows you to change the configuration of the rack, making it easy to assemble and adjustable feet allow you to set the rack on an uneven surface. Additionally, where there can be equipped with racks for prices & railings on the shelves, a plurality of hinged elements: bread shelves and boxes, vegetable baskets, fruit shelves.   Complex equipment and machinery restaurants, canteens, cafes, bars At the present time, when the demand for public catering more and more increases, the question arises as to not just open restaurants, bars, cafes and other places, but also to equip them with the latest technology, to choose the most convenient and functional equipment for restaurants, cafes and canteens, which will simplify the process of work. For this it is necessary equipment for restaurants to meet all regulations and standards (the same applies to equipment for restaurants and canteens). We offer a wide range of equipment for restaurants, as well as related services (installation, design). We carry a full range of equipment and Adaptable newly opened restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, process plants "turnkey". Ltd. "Extra Ice" Russia, Moscow, Ul. Avtomotornaya house 4a, p. 1, Tel. / Fax: +7 (495) 988-1179; +7 (499) 713-84-60

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