Compressor Monitoring: new version of "INTspector" App

The new version of the INTspector App by KRIWAN reflects the continuous development of innovative FRASCOLD compressors' protection with communication function. The new INTspector app 2.0 now makes monitoring, evaluating, and protecting your system with FRASCOLD compressors even easier and more efficient. New functions (available with INT69 Diagnose / INT69 TML Diagnose for  Frascold reciprocating compressors or INT69FRYL Diagnose for Frascold screw compressors and a DP-USB cable, T00EC57): • You can upload data directly to the system via USB cable. This provides access to the error memory/counter so you can assess the current status of the system and review the operating data. • You can create a report in PDF format in no time at all and forward it directly to the customer if necessary. • You can upload collected data to the free Diagnosis web service (Internet INTelligence). This data can then be called up at anytime and anywhere via the Internet. Additional functions (not requiring a DP-USB cable, T00EC57): • You can retrieve data sheets for installed products so that they are available quickly and paper-free for maintenance and repair work on the system. Simply scan a product's data matrix code using a smartphone camera, or enter the part number. • You can analyze the status of the compressor using the LED blink code (only with INT69 TML Diagnose / INT69 FRYL Diagnose) , which is read using a smartphone camera and interpreted by the app.
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