Controls releases improved stainless steel refrigerant float switch

Hantemp Controls, a manufacturer of innovative stainless steel controls for ammonia refrigeration & other industrial refrigeration applications, offers an improved liquid level float switch. The SSLL “See-Switch” stainless steel float switch accurately measures liquid level, and is equipped with a new neon yellow wand to indicate the switch position. As liquid refrigerant fills the stainless steel tank, the switch arm is pulled inward to actuate the switch. As liquid level drops, the magnetic field falls out and the switch is deactuated. Visual indication of the switch position ensures simpler service for system operators and signals appropriate alarms when unusual liquid levels occur. The SSLL “See-Switch” Float Switch from Hantemp Controls, aside from its refined safety functionality with the inclusion of the yellow wand, also guarantees exceptional corrosion resistance and lighter weight due to its stainless steel construction. The switch head model (LS) and tank (LT) are drop-in replacements for Hansen and Parker R/S float switches. Float Switch Source:
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