Coolselector®2 – Now With Compressors and Condensing Units

Coolselector®2 from Danfoss has just been updated and now includes commercial compressors and condensing units. Coolselector®2 replaces all existing Cooling calculation and selection software for refrigeration. This is the one-stop-shop supporting refrigeration professionals in selection and calculation.
  Coolselector®2 offers market-leading simplicity and professional ease in the system design process of all commercial and industrial refrigeration projects. This is a unique tool that truly makes the complex simple. Coolselector®2 has been developed to deliver precise calculation, simple component selection, and intelligent support for industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning throughout the entire process. From Download to Done in No Time Coolselector®2 is downloaded in seconds, up and running in minutes, and users reach in-depth understanding and advanced usage before the coffee is cold. The software supports three main phases of system planning:
  1. Calculation to support system design.
  2. Selection of specific code numbers based on capacity information.
  3. Automatic creation of required documentation and reports.
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