Copeland compressors for transcritical CO2 refrigeration

The Copeland line of 4 cylinder CO2 compressors is the solution for R-744 transcritical booster systems. It is characterized by a design operating pressure of 1740 psig (120 bar). Refrigerant flow and heat transfer have been optimized for superior efficiency. All compressors are equipped with CoreSense technology, offering faster system troubleshooting and protection from problems before they occur. Designed for flexibility in system design and operation • Compact dimensions • UL Recognized • Integrated high pressure ASME certified safety valves • Discharge temperature protection • Service valve rotates 360° for ease of piping design • 3 sight glasses for mounting of oil management control and visual oil level inspection while running • One oil port for oil equalization in parallel system • Oil splasher system ensures lubrication at constant and variable speed on 4MTLS40 to 4MTLS15M models • Accessories available Designed for durability and performance in R-744 applications • Low sound and vibration • Large discharge chamber reduces pulsation • High s/d standstill pressures of 1958 psia (135 bar) high side and 1305 psig (90 bar) low side • Burst pressures in excess of 5x safety factor high side • Cylinder head and discharge plenum design minimizes heat transfer to suction side • Stepless capacity modulation when applied with inverter • CoreSense Protection
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