Copeland Expands Offering of R-290 Scroll Compressors for the European Commercial Heating Market

Date: 21 March 2024
Copeland Expands Offering of R-290 Scroll Compressors for the European Commercial Heating Market
Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, has recently launched a new R-290 variable-speed scroll compressor for commercial heating applications – the Copeland YHV119 variable-speed scroll compressor. This launch expands Copeland’s R-290-compatible product portfolio of compressors for heat pumps and reversible chillers. 
The new Copeland YHV119 variable-speed scroll compressor has a heating capacity up to 42kW at maximal speed. Its design is not only compact with a reduced footprint and weight easing system’s design, installation, and maintenance but it is R-290 optimized enabling a low superheat capability of <5K. With its unique scroll axial and radial compliance for increased reliability and efficiency, this compressor perfectly fits commercial heat pumps and is particularly advantageous in transient conditions with reversible systems. The YHV119 variable-speed scroll compressor is the first model in a future series that will be expanded to a larger capacity to serve the various application requirements of the commercial heating sector.

The shift to low GWP refrigerants, combined with the need to maximize energy efficiency, is driving the HVACR market towards more sustainable choices. This trend is further reinforced by the demand from end users to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

“Copeland is fully committed to helping customers achieve their decarbonization and regulatory compliance goals,” said Maurizio Boldrini, director of commercial comfort marketing, Europe for Copeland. “Copeland R-290 scroll compressors are safe, reliable, and highly efficient. They are designed to assist industry stakeholders in their transition to lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and meet sustainability goals and environmental regulations in a timely and competitive manner.”

Copeland’s YHV119 variable-speed scroll compressor is closely coupled with the new ED4 drive family: this package is fully certified in accordance with the EN 60335-2-34. This facilitates system design, higher efficiency and reduces development time and costs on the OEM side. Copeland’s controls and electronics complete an R-290 application-ready solution, further ensuring faster time to market and increased performance through Copeland’s cross-functional expertise. 

The YHV119 variable-speed compressor joins Copeland’s lineup of R-290 fixed-speed compressors that were launched in autumn of 2023 and consist of four models: YH23, YH28, YH33 and YH38K1G.

These compressors offer a heating capacity of 22 to 37 kW, and can be used in single, tandem or trio configurations. These Copeland-qualified tandem and trio solutions provide OEMs with greater flexibility in system design. A trio configuration enables a system capacity of up to 111kW. The R-290 fully hermetic design comes with an IP65 or IP54 terminal box ensuring compliance with all required regulations. The reliability of Copeland R-290 YH-K1G fixed speed scroll compressors is optimized by its unique scroll double compliance and the low superheat capability of <5K.

This new compressor lineup is manufactured in Europe for European customers to help meet the growing regional demand for R-290 heating and reversible chiller solutions. 
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