Copeland X-Line Series is now available in 460V for medium temperature applications

Date: 13 August 2021
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The Copeland outdoor refrigeration unit, X-Line Series, is now offering a 460V option for 3-6 HP medium temperature applications in food retail. This new offering has the same benefits of other fi xed speed X-Line units.

The Copeland outdoor refrigeration unit was designed based on three factors:

Energy Efficiency

Scroll compressor technology, variable speed fan motors, large capacity condenser coils, and advanced control algorithms work together to significantly reduce energy consumption. These new units also comply with the Department of Energy’s Annual Walk-In Energy Factor
(AWEF) standards.


Equipment reliability is greatly enhanced by combining the proven reliability of Copeland scroll compressors with advanced Copeland compressor electronics technology. Each unit has built-in diagnostics and protection that can alert and record alarms independently or communicate with building
management systems.


The ultra-quiet variable speed fan motor significantly reduces exterior sound levels and is combined with a lightweight weather-resistant cabinet, slim footprint, and optional wall mounting capability to deliver unmatched installation. 

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