Costan Expands OutFit Family with New Models

Date: 16 April 2020
Costan Expands OutFit Family with New Models
The fresh and fresh area is one of the areas of greatest attraction of the stores. In order to shape unique and recognizable environments, capable of capturing the attention of the Consumer, Costan embellishes the OutFit family with new models, expression of the The Epta System vision with which the Group works alongside Retailers to contribute to their #storevolution.

OutFit today joins the Velvet horizontal and semi-vertical display stand and the Boutique countertop with glass doors, which can also be transformed into a stand-alone counter. A line synonymous with infinite shapes, modules, aesthetics and customizations, while remaining within the sphere of solutions designed on a large scale.

OutFit is designed to emphasize the assortment and quality of fresh products, from free service, to pastries, to hot food, in every type of store, from hypermarkets to proximity stores. These furnishings are characterized by a game of contrasts between volumes, heights, transparencies and the numerous variants of the Finishing Collection. A rich palette of finishes that ranges from materials such as wood and stone, to serigraphs and personalized prints. Another strong point of the family is its high versatility. It is in fact possible to create different configurations, island or wall-mounted, even flanking the various models of the line together, to experiment with unprecedented display methods.
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