Costan has launched Mambo Next


The future of retail is moving towards neighbourhood stores, able to offer Customers a quick solution within smaller more user-friendly spaces, designed with a more bespoke offer. In response, Costan has launched Mambo Next: a compact semi-vertical plug-in, that is ideal for small retail areas, minimarkets and convenience stores, ensuring better management of spaces and fresh food categories.

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Boosting sales through excellent presentation: thanks to an exclusive glass top that exploits a store’s ceiling light, the visibility of items is further improved to promote higher stock rotation. Another advantage of the new plug-in cabinet is its cascade shelving with two different depths, enhanced by the 7° inclination of the doors. This feature significantly improves the ergonomics of the cabinet, offering consumers a perfect view of all products from all angles.

In keeping with the Family Feeling of the Tango Next vertical plug-ins for fresh packaged foods and Valzer Next for frozen foods, Mambo Next contributes to creating a homogeneous and elegant image in the store and highlights a superior quality to the items on display. Thanks to the use of the R290 natural refrigerant gas the cabinet also has a low environmental impact.

Mambo Next combines increased capacity and minimum floor space with high levels of versatility, thanks to the possibility of infinite combinations, such as island configurations, for a more captivating presentation and a new perspective on fresh foods, or placement amongst ambient shelving, for cross-selling opportunities.

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