Costan introduce branded SlimFit

Date: 24 June 2019
Costan introduce branded SlimFit
The key factors underpinning the new upsurge in proximity stores include their dual purpose of practical usefulness and social function.Increasingly sophisticated shops able to guarantee fast shopping, are responding to changes in the lifestyles of large urban centres.Analysis of the development of the sector and of the emerging needs of operators and consumers has led to the development of the Costan branded SlimFit range: one family of compact cabinets, able to merge the aesthetics of remote solutions with the flexibility of plug-in cabinets and elegantly furnish the entire self-service area of small stores, mini markets and convenience stores.

With a unique combination of uncompromising style and cutting-edge technical performance, the SlimFit family contributes to a higher quality of presentation to the products, thanks to the coordinated design of the individual protagonists: the positive temperature vertical Tango Next, the semi-vertical Mambo Next with cascade shelving for fresh packaged products, the negative temperature vertical Valzer Next, the new semi-vertical Twist Next for frozen products and Ballet Next, the special solution dedicated to the display of white and red wines.

The strong point of the range is its homogeneous aesthetics.Features like the full visibility doors with screen-printing, the wide range of colours, the matching handles and base, offer the possibility to align and mix the cabinets to create infinite wall or island compositions ensuring customers a complete and fast purchase experience.This enhances daily packaged products, take away food, fourth range products (fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged and ready for consumption), fifth range products (cooked fruit and vegetables packaged and ready for consumption), snacks and premium products on which the small formats rely.

The key features of the line include the more rationale management of the display space, with a larger capacity and minimum floor space occupancy and the attention to the environment, thanks to the choice of LEDs, the R290 propane as natural refrigerant with reduced GWP (Global Warming Potential), the high efficiency fans, the double or triple glazed doors and the electronic remote control to deal promptly with any faults or malfunctions.
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