Cryomech Introduces New PT310 Pulse Tube Cryocooler

Date: 16 March 2022
Cryomech Introduces New PT310 Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Cryomech introduced its new PT310 Pulse Tube cryocooler at the American Physical Society (APS) March 2022 Meeting. The PT310 cryocooler delivers its optimum heat lift performance at 3 Kelvin (K) which enables dry dilution refrigerators to achieve temperatures down to millikelvin levels.

To develop the PT310 cryocooler, Cryomech combined our customers’ feedback with our long history of cryocooler innovation and expertise. The PT310 cryocooler offers game-changing performance of 1W at 3K and 35W at 35K. The remote motor version, PT310-RM, offers 0.9W at 3K and 32W at 35K. The PT310 sets the standard of the highest heat lift performance at 3K in the world.

“The PT310 is an exciting addition to our expanding line of pulse tube cryocoolers. The PT310 embodies Cryomech’s innovative spirit and our commitment to ensuring our customers’ success. The PT310 was designed with the dry dilution refrigerator manufacturers in mind and enables advances in their refrigerator technology,” said Rich Dausman, Cryomech’s president.

In the operation of dry dilution refrigerators, pulse tube cryocoolers are used to provide heat lift at temperatures in the range of 3K. Cryomech’s pulse tube technology has long been the choice of dry dilution refrigerator manufacturers. The need for greater heat lift to build more powerful dilution refrigerators resulted in the 2021 launch of our PT425 cryocooler which provides a world leading performance of 2.7W at 4.2K. Building on this success, the PT310 cryocooler pushes the heat lift to the next level, increasing it by about 50% at 3K. With this performance, Cryomech enables its customers to advance their technology, which is at the heart of the quantum computing race.

“We often focus on the heat lift at 4.2K as it is the boiling point of liquid helium,” explained Arifin Budihardjo, Cryomech’s business development manager. “After listening to our customers, we innovated our pulse tube cryocooler to focus on the more important temperature of 3K and therefore, uniquely enable our customers to increase performance of their dilution refrigerators.”

As part of its development, the PT310 cryocooler went through consistency tests to ensure reliable performance. The PT310 cryocooler has the same envelope as the PT425 cryocooler, which makes for an easy fit to the next generation of dilution refrigerators. The unit is run with the CPA1114 compressor and is available in either integrated or remote motor option.

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