Daikin announced a new model Stylish range

Date: 19 December 2019
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin announced a new model Stylish range
Daikin has announced a fresh look for its acclaimed Stylish range of air conditioners, introducing two new colourways plus a new model to the range.
First launched in Spring 2018, the Stylish has earned widespread accolade for delivering new standards of comfort and energy performance, combined with leading edge design, walking away with top awards from some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known design competitions -among them the Good Design Award, IF design award and Reddot Product Design Award.

The new line-up will now include full white units, full silver and full matt black units, plus a black unit with black wood panel.

With its expanded range of colour and texture options and the most compact design of its type, the wall-mounted Stylish allows the customer to select an unobtrusive white unit or make a statement with the silver or black unit, in a space-saving design that blends effortlessly into any space, whether it is a living room or bedroom.

The R-32 refrigerant used in the Stylish range offers a safe alternative with less environmental impact for the future, with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 675, which is only a third of the more commonly used R-410A.

Smarter by design

Inspired by its predecessors, the Daikin Emura and Ururu Sarara, the new Stylish collection places Daikin at the forefront in air conditioning for the home.

Recognised for its aesthetics, the Stylish is also distinguished by its high performance. Within its design category, Stylish scores up to A+++ for both heating and cooling.

A diverse range of capacities with performance classes from 15 to 50 offers the widest selection to meet any application.

Incorporating all-new components, developed specifically to work within the slimline indoor unit, the Stylish has introduced powerful new functionality to the genre. The innovative new fan design works with the system’s heat exchanger to optimise performance with near-silent running.

The Stylish also features an intelligent thermal sensor, which activates specially designed flaps to ensure even temperatures and air-flow distribution throughout the whole room space and eliminate draughts for maximum comfort all year round.

The purpose-designed flaps produce a more focused airflow, resulting in a better temperature distribution thanks to the ‘Coanda effect’. Stylish first determines the airflow pattern based on whether the room needs heating or cooling. When Stylish is in heating mode, two flaps direct air downwards (vertical airflow). When in cooling mode, the flaps move air upwards (ceiling airflow). By creating two different airflow patterns, Stylish eliminates draughts and establishes a more stable and comfortable room temperature for occupants.

Creating a healthy environment on the inside

Stylish uses advanced Flash Streamer technology to remove particles, allergens and odours from the inside of the unit to ensure consistently clean and pure indoor air.

Always in control

At work or home, your environment should be your personal choice. Stylish offers two ways to connect: units can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet with the free downloadable Daikin Online Controller app, while the WPS feature allows for easy connection to home networks.
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