Daikin introduces next generation Perfera ‘All Seasons’

Date: 02 April 2024
Daikin introduces next generation Perfera ‘All Seasons’
Daikin announces the launch of the next generation ‘All Seasons’ Perfera home air-to-air heat pump, also known as air conditioning. The indoor and outdoor units of the Perfera system have been fully redesigned to enhance the user experience, making them both easy to install, and easy to use. Equally important, the ‘All Seasons’ Perfera provides year-round climate control and clean air with lower energy bills thanks to market leading energy efficiency and performance.

The stylish Perfera wall-mounted unit is compact and features curved lines to blend subtly with any décor and offers a discreet space-saving solution.

The air flows have been optimised and assure comfort all year long, whether in cooling or heating mode. A new double flap enables the Comfort Plus function, a precise angle which narrows the airflow path, increasing air velocity. This pushes air upwards, redirecting cold air away from room occupants to eliminate draughts and ensure even coverage into corners in winter and summer. A 3D airflow option can be selected which combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing for large spaces.

The 2-area motion detector checks adjacent areas and directs the air away from the inhabitants. When an empty room is detected, it adjusts the system automatically to the energy saving mode.

The new Perfera has a unique Daikin-only Heat Boost function to reach set temperature 14% earlier than conventional systems.

The ‘All Seasons’ Perfera range has been extended to provide additional flexibility in configuration, currently offering six capacities from 15 class up to 50 class. The new 50 class has been developed to fit in the same standard units as smaller capacities, offering the option to incorporate bigger capacities in the same space, building in more flexibility and choice for the end user and installer.

A new re-designed indoor unit fan optimises airflow and creates high energy efficiency at practically inaudible sound levels (19 dBA). Combined with the low noise outdoor unit, Perfera delivers perfect peace and quiet for residents and neighbours, making it the ideal solution for urban environments.

A night set mode incorporated into Perfera ensures a comfortable night’s sleep for everyone by reducing room temperatures by 2˚C in the cooler seasons and raising them by 0.5 ˚C in Summer, thus also reducing on energy consumption.

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