Daikin launched new Perfera Air Conditioner

Date: 03 November 2020
Daikin launched new Perfera Air Conditioner
Daikin launched new Perfera Air Conditioner
Daikin launched new Perfera Air Conditioner
Daikin launched new Perfera Air Conditioner
The new Perfera FTXM-R series offers an all-in-one heating, cooling and clean air solution housed in an elegant indoor unit whose contemporary form and flowing lines will grace any interior. Now housed in an even smaller unit measuring 30 mm less than previous versions, the Perfera FTXM-R/RXM-R blends in effortlessly.

The new unit is easy to install, with near-silent operation offering an unobtrusive solution and comes in a wide range of sizes. Incorporating the latest air purifying and heating technology, together with new voice control abilities, the new FTXM-R series offers maximum comfort, performance and connectivity with best-in-class seasonal energy efficiencies of up to A+++ in cooling and heating.

Technology-driven comfort

Building on the advanced technology of previous models, the latest Perfera wall-mounted unit introduces several important new features.

A new ‘heat boost’ function in the outdoor unit quickly heats homes when starting up, reaching the set temperature 14% faster than a regular conditioner.

The next generation Perfera unit has been designed with a wider flap to give a stronger airflow, while the 3D air direction feature distributes hot or cold air more evenly for all-round room comfort.
Additionally, the two area motion detection sensor deflects air away from people and auto-switches to a more energy efficient setting when no movement is detected in the room.

A new design heat exchanger and fan ensures reliable performance, improved heat transfer and superior energy efficiency.

Breathe easy with Daikin’s unique flash streamer

Daikin’s advanced flash streamer technology protects homes by filtering the indoor atmosphere to deliver pure, clean air. The integral titanium apatite deodorising filter captures and neutralizes unpleasant odours such as tobacco and pet smells.
The silver allergen removal and air purifying filter captures allergens such as pollen to ensure a steady supply of clean air.

Connectivity and control

The new Perfera offers outstanding connectivity. The Daikin residential controller, accessible through Daikin’s downloadable app via a local network or internet connection, has been supplemented by a new voice-activation facility. Key functions including temperature set points, operation modes, fan speed and more, can be controlled from anywhere using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Easy installation and commissioning

The wide range of sizing options, from the 15-class up to 71-class models, provides maximum flexibility in system specification. The piping diameter of the 42-class type has been unified with the
35-class units for increased system compatibility. With the new integral Perfera PCB and WLAN connection, commissioning is both simple and fast.

The Perfera series is a part of the Bluevolution family of products. Operating on R-32 with low environmental impact, this latest addition to the Daikin portfolio complies with both existing and planned F-Gas regulations to provide a future-proof sustainable climate solution for heating, cooling, and air purification in the home.
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