Dalrada Files Patent For Likido Mobile Cryo Chillers

Date: 06 January 2021
Dalrada Files Patent For Likido Mobile Cryo Chillers
Dalrada Files Patent For Likido Mobile Cryo Chillers

 Dalrada Financial Crop.  announced that it has filed a patent on its mobile, self-powered LikidoCRYO chiller addressing the need for deep-cold storage as well as non-mobile storage at clinics, hospitals, camps, and administration facilities. Likido’s mobile CRYO chiller is a self-contained storage unit, maintains -40°C to -75°C temperatures with a control variance within +/-0.5°C, giving excellent batch consistency and validated results.  The unit is self-contained with self-sustained power, and is complete with state-of-the-art features including remote temperature and humidity monitoring. The power system in Likido’s mobile CRYO chiller is designed to run the refrigeration system for extended periods of time with low power requirements during transport.

Likido’s CRYO low-temperature technology enables safe movement and storage of vaccines, biomaterials and other products that require cross country distribution into remote regions. Enabling low-income regions to create local centers for storage of biomaterial products that require cold storage under extreme environmental conditions for long-periods, Likido’s CRYO chiller prevents spoilage and waste.  A turnkey non-mobile solution by Likido also enables hospitals and other facilities to upgrade their ability to store and dispense temperature-sensitive biomaterials, as well as remote and drive-up mobile clinics for healthcare administration.  An added benefit of the Chiller system is that organizations can leverage the unit for ongoing cooling and refrigeration needs beyond their initial purpose.

Likido®CRYO chiller small footprint units incorporate an innovative 2-stage technology that produces very low temperatures below -103°F, (-75°C) with a single ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant that is 90% less than conventional solutions. The unit’s small size is Ideal for safe container shipments of biomaterial transported by land and sea as well as on-site biomaterial mobility and storage. Likido®CRYO certified units will be available by the end of the year.

Energy efficient Likido®CRYO chillers save as much as 75% of energy cost and was recently awarded an Innovate UK grant for “repurposing environmentally damaging HFC cryogenic chillers to environmentally inert natural refrigerant”. Likido®CRYO chillers enable “greening” of  laboratories, hospitals, and facilities including manufacturing, hotels, and residences.

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