Danfoss Introduces New Products at 2017 RETA National Conference

ICF Valve Station Application Display at the Danfoss booth featuring the new ICFD Defrost and ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Together with the traditional showcase of advanced Industrial Refrigeration technology, products and solutions, Danfoss introduced two new products at the 2017 RETA National Conference: the brand new ICFD Defrost Module and ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Valve. The ICFD 20 Defrost Module is a liquid-based drain module built into our popular ICF multifunction valve that integrated two great approaches into one state-of-the-art solution that offers the following benefits: • Reduced energy consumption • Improved job site efficiency • Improved defrost performance • Broad application range • Easy system design Built for both ammonia and CO2 applications, the flexible ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Valve features a service friendly design that is easy to operate, install, upgrade and retrofit. This new solenoid valve offers: • Safe, two-step injection of hot gas • Dependent, two-step functionality that minimizes risk potential • Backwards compatibility with previous standard ICS + EVRA solutions • High design flexibility; inspired by the Danfoss ICV platform • Wide range of connection options Additionally, Danfoss showed off an improved design of our SVA valves hand wheels. They have been improved significantly with regards to strength and corrosion resistance due to its casting and enhanced surface treatment. Even with such a large focus on the global product launches, we still found time at the RETA National Conference to celebrate what’s most important: our customers. We hosted a party in their honor at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, where we ate some great food, threw back some local beers and caught up with old friends while checking out a museum’s worth of classic automobiles spanning eight decades.
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