Danfoss Launches New Range of Pilot Valves

The new range of Danfoss pilot valves approved for CO2 applications opens new possibilities to support the fast growing trend of cascade solutions to enhance safety, reliability and energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration. "We have developed the new pilot program in close dialogue with the industrial refrigeration community requesting solutions that fulfill the increasing market request for higher working pressure control valves. Focus is on lowering ammonia charge at ammonia/CO2 cascade systems for safety reasons and at the same time gaining energy saving at low temperature", says Product Manager Behzad Parastar. As part of the upgrade, the number of pilot variants has been reduced from eight to four variants to make selection easier for contractors, OEMS and wholesalers. The new pilots provide the same regulation ranges as the previous version, to accommodate any need of the industry. New Electronic CVE Pilot for Easy Commissioning and Operation The highlight of the new pilot program is the electronic CVE pilot valve that replaces the existing CVQ valve. The electronic valve is ideal for dynamic refrigeration applications with frequent changes in pressure and temperature. "We are proud to present the new, electronic CVE pilot. With our well-known ICAD as actuator, the CVE pilot is compatible with any control set-up. The new valve allows remote setting for easy commissioning, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting. The valve reacts fast to any set-point changes and offers extremely precise control to ensure food safety under any operating condition", says Product Manager Behzad Parastar. All the new valves are backward compatible. The valves are available in March 2017 (Europe) and April 2017 (rest of world). Facts about the New Danfoss Pilot Valves (manual)
  • The program comprises three new pilots replacing the previous:
    • CVP (constant pressure)
    • CVPP (differential pressure)
    • CVC (pressure operated)
  • Approved for max. working pressures up to 52 bar, suitable for CO2 applications
  • Reduced number of variants (from 8 to 4) covering the same regulation range as the previous pilot program
  • Manufactured in TS16049-certified, fully automated production facilities for diaphragm assembly which is the heart of the design to ensure high and consistent quality
  • Patented design
  • Surface treatment for durability
Facts about New, Electronic CVE Pilot Valve
  • Replaces the existing CVQ
  • Approved for pressures up to 52 bar, suitable for CO2 applications
  • Driven by actuator type ICAD 1200 and compatible with PLC or third party controller
  • ICAD actuator can be controlled using signales: 4-20mA (default), 0-20mA, 0-10V and 2-10V
  • Digital read-out
  • Easy set-point setting and trouble-shooting
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Manufactured in TS16049-certified, to ensure high quality
  • Patented design
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