Danfoss Recognizes South African CO2 Pioneer


Shaun Hadfield, leading Electrical Engineering at CRS explained that "CRS was not only overwhelmed but also honored in receiving the Golden Valve from Danfoss. Danfoss is leading CO<sub>2</sub> technology into a brighter, greener future that is enhancing energy efficiencies, and we take pride in being a part of that journey."

Founded in 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa, CRS is a forerunner in refrigeration installations using the latest technology. They have been a Danfoss Partner since 2002 and built nearly 100 energy-efficient CO<sub>2</sub> transcritical solutions in South-African stores, for example, Woolworths and Makro.

Danfoss has delivered 10,000 high-pressure CO<sub>2</sub> valves to stores worldwide, and valve number 10,000 is now installed in Woolworths in Johannesburg, South Africa.

"With a commitment to continuous development and providing clients with future-proof CO<sub>2</sub> solutions, CRS has become a forerunner in energy-efficient refrigeration and cooling in South Africa. By being a leading innovator, they have proven that energy-efficient CO<sub>2</sub> is possible on the African continent. I am confident that more companies will look into setting up new stores based on CO<sub>2</sub> also in warmer climates with advantages such as lower energy bills for the store owners and greatly improved climate performance," commented Global Application Expert Kenneth Bank Madsen from Danfoss.

The close collaboration between Danfoss and CRS will continue with new pioneering CO<sub>2</sub> projects and solutions.

"Next in line is a CO<sub>2</sub> training facility that will create CO<sub>2</sub> technology awareness empowering Africa to lead the way into a greener energy efficient environment," commented Shaun Hadfield from CRS.

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