Dennis Distribution cuts carbon with Gray & Adams double deck

Dennis Distribution first double-deck semi-trailer wears the livery of customer Dovecote Park. The Gray & Adams lifting-deck trailer has 44-pallet capacity and refrigeration from a single-temperature Carrier Vector 1950 fridge. The Gray & Adams lifting-deck trailer has 44-pallet capacity and single-temperature Carrier Vector 1950 fridge The four pallet increase on a standard double-decker is down to a series of engineered measures which ensure that use is made of every inch of space on the two decks. The new Volvo FH tractor which pulls the lifting-deck trailer is effectively doing a job for which two units were previously required. The trailer transports beef, veal and venison daily from Dovecote Park’s Pontefract, West Yorkshire, site to Waitrose’s distribution centre in Bracknell, Berkshire. Dennis Distribution runs 32 tractor units and 50 semi-trailers, of which 20 are by Gray & Adams, making it the best-represented manufacturer on the fleet. The trailer’s graphics were applied by AST Signs, of Penrith. Read More
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