Dorin developed new robotized painting station


In fact, many stage of production were redesigned and improved according to the latest procedural criteria.
Among many other successful operations, the most interesting and important also
from an environmental point of view is certainly the new robotic coating plant which easily allowed the overcoming of 720hr salt spray ( blistering and rusting assent and corrosion grade <1mm) and excellent results to the achievement of 1000hr ( blistering 3(s2), rusting 3i1 - < 0,05% oxidation of total surface - , cross propagation of 1,2mm - the limit is 3mm) following standards UNI EN ISO 4628.
This allowed Dorin products to have a real advantage in all applications but especially in very harsh environments as extremely humid climates and subject to extreme climatic actions.
DORIN unlike others is reconfirmed as absolutely the best partner for all those who seek the success of their plants in any situation of use.

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The company launched three series in the CD500 range:
<ul type="disc">
    <li>CD6 500-40B, CD6 600-40M, CD6 700-40H: 6-cylinder compressors with a nominal power of 50-70hp, featuring a displacement of 39.8 m <sup>3</sup>/h at 50 Hz.</li>
    <li>CD6 500-45B, CD6 700-45M, CD6 800-45H: 6-cylinder compressors with a nominal power of 50-80hp, featuring a displacement of 45.3 m <sup>3</sup>/h at 50 Hz.</li>
    <li>CD6 500-53B, CD6 800-53M: 6-cylinder compressors with a nominal power of 50-80hp, featuring a displacement of 53.2 m<sup>3</sup>/h at 50 Hz.</li>
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