Dorin Range CD400 - New Models

With the aim of a continuous product improvement, Officine Mario Dorin S.p.A. informs its business partners of the following changes that will be introduced in the CD400 Range. Through the use of the most modern fluid-dynamic calculation tools, it was possible to implement an innovative gas stream inside the crankcase, as well as new bore and stroke ratios, which assure: - Extreme decrease in oil carry over - Excellent pressure pulses decrease in the discharge pipes - Astonishing optimization at variable frequency operation These modifications apply to larger 4-cylinder models, 24.3 m3/h and above, while CD3000H and smaller displacement models remain unchanged. It is also introduced a change of nomenclature for the involved models as well as a negligible displacement variation, as shown in the below table.
Actual Range New Range
Model Bore stroke Displacement Model Bore stroke Displacement
mm mm m3/h mm mm m3/h
CD3000M CD3400H 42 42 20,25 CD3001M CD3401H 48 32 20,15
CD2500B CD3500H 45 42 23,25 CD2501B CD 48 37 23,3
CD3500M CD4000H 45 48 26,6 CD3501M CD4001H 48 42 26,45
CD3500B CD5000M 48 48 30,2 CD3501B CD5001M 52 42 31,0
CD3600B CD5200M 52 48 35,5 CD3600B CD5201M 52 48 35,5
The production of new models will begin in March 2018 and could temporarily parallel that of previous models.
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