Dorin: The New Transformer Refrigeration Compressor

Date: 20 February 2019
Dorin: The New Transformer Refrigeration Compressor
Dorin: The New Transformer Refrigeration Compressor

The new TRANSFORMER REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR is a globally new concept of manufacturing compressors, where common main parts and components make it possible to switch from one configuration to the other thanks to minor variable and changes: the same engineering platform will serve as the base for both large sizes HFCs and C02 sub-critical compressors.

TRANSFORMER is a 12-cylinder compressor platform that can have different configuration depending on the application.


Tranformer H8

Ideal for industrial application, it brings to the H8 compressor, thanks to its SEMI HERMETIC CONFIGURATION, nominal motor powers ranging from 100 to 180 HP with a displacement available from 303 to 520m3/H .

Transformer CDS8

By using the Transformer H8 platform, it can be realized the CDS8 MODELS. Their displacement from 160 until 210 m3/h and their nominal motor power from 120 to 140 HP, make them the largest solution ever presented globally for subcritical application in a semi hermetic layout.

Transformer VS

The new models 120-130-140-150 VS increase our offer of swept volume, ranging from 4000 cm3 to almost 6000 cm3 allowing displacements from almost 350 m3/h to 518m3/h.

Dorin innovation goes on with this compressor solution that reduces the stress of the end user in relation to refrigeration capacity required , spare parts management and overall plant managements cost.

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