DuraVent Expands PolyPro Product Line with Addition of Concentric Venting System

Providing contractors, builders, design engineers, and the entire HVAC industry with a reliable, clean venting solution led to DuraVent today announcing the expansion of its polypropylene product offering with the addition of the PolyPro Concentric venting system. The PolyPro Concentric double-wall pipe provides users the most versatile polypropylene venting system for high efficiency, condensing appliances. The injection-molded modular system is designed with a powder-coated aluminum outer pipe and a polypropylene inner pipe, does not require a locking band, and consists of a limited number of components, providing users with a fast, safe, clean, and sustainable venting solution. The PolyPro Concentric system also includes elbows that do not only have a smooth wall lining but are constructed to reduce condensate that may be left behind. "DuraVent offers several solutions for installations that can be challenging," said Daniel Smith, residential HVAC product manager for DuraVent. "We have gone to great lengths to provide solutions that are safe, flexible, and innovative with our primary objective being the safety of our customers." Originally released to the original equipment market (OEM) in 2010, the DuraVent PolyPro product line is designed for use with high efficiency furnaces, condensing boilers, and tankless water heaters. "PolyPro is superior in performance and easier to install than both PVC or CPVC pipe and we're excited to make this product available to our traditional distribution partners in the United States and Canada," said Èric Dufour, vice president of innovation and engineering for DuraVent. "Polypropylene has been used successfully to vent appliances in Europe for more than 15 years and provides our customers with a safe, reliable venting system with unique advantages over other products." Polypropylene has a higher operating temperature limit of 230°F/110°C versus PVC, and the PolyPro product line is 100 percent recyclable, corrosion-free, and does not release hazardous gases during combustion.
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