Eaton launched the new EC007 barrier hose for mobile air conditioning

Date: 30 November 2019

Eaton announced the launch of the new EC007 barrier hose as part of its EverCoolTM mobile air conditioning (A/C) hose portfolio. The new hose delivers improved permeation and kink resistance for truck, agricultural and construction customers.

“Building on a strong legacy of fluid conveyance product innovation, our EverCool portfolio of A/C hoses are setting a new standard for performance, flexibility and durability in the mobile A/C industry,” said Drew Peterson, global product manager, Fuel, A/C and Transportation, Hydraulics, Eaton. “The EverCool A/C product range, along with our global footprint, gives our customers around the world confidence that no matter the application, Eaton has a product to meet their needs.”

The complete portfolio, which includes the new EC007 barrier hose, FC800 large-bore hose and industry-leading GH001 veneer hose, now provides options for the full range of mobile A/C applications, including bus, truck, agricultural and construction vehicles.

The EC007 barrier hose is constructed with a thermoplastic barrier layer between textile-reinforced elastomeric layers, combined with a heat-, ozone- and UV-resistant synthetic elastomer.

The new hose joins Eaton’s GH001 veneer hose and the FC800 large-bore hose to complete the EverCool line. The GH001 features nearly zero permeation, a tighter bend radius, EZ-clip compatibility and the widest in-class temperature range. All three hoses in the portfolio are qualified with multiple refrigerants, including R1234yf.

The FC800 large-bore hose is specifically designed for nominal sizes required for bus air conditioning systems. The FC800 EverCool core is made of a blended chloroprene rubber material, a synthetic characterized by its long-lasting elasticity, heat resistance and excellent resistance to refrigerant and compressor oils. With virtually half the bend radius of comparable large-bore hoses, FC800 offers significantly greater flexibility and therefore withstands the high mechanical stress coming from the engine. The core is covered by a polyamide barrier layer, which reduces the hose permeation rate to just 1.0 kg/m²/year.

“Our customers rely on hard-working components to deliver consistent results on every job,” said Mike Stoltz, product manager, Fuel, A/C and Transportation, Eaton. “From minimizing permeation to improving fracture and kink resistance, our EverCool portfolio is designed to keep refrigerant inside the hose, even in difficult or tight installations.”