ebm-papst extending the product range of electrical drive systems

ebm-papst is continually extending the product range of electrical drive systems for industrial applications. Customers in machine and system construction are requesting compact and efficient drive systems that receive orders from superordinate controls via customary Bus interfaces and return actual values as well as status reports to the control. With the integrated freely programmable sequence control (SPS functionality), technology functions can be realized directly in the drive, the previously necessary SPS is lightened or in the ideal case, becomes completely obsolete. In this case, the control can take place via the digital and analog in and outputs. Thus, the product program of industry 4.0 enabled drive system is extended by a further electronic module. These compact drive systems offer a cost optimized alternative to classic AC servomotors in many applications. In comparison to AC standard motors with frequency converters, this series convinces with higher efficiency as well as power density. The ECI 63.xx K5 supports the communication and movement profiles according to IEC 61800-7 (DS402). This means that the drive can be operated in positioning, speed, current or torque control. In addition, the drive can be freely programmed, similar to an SPS, thanks to the integrated intelligence. For example, a function can be implemented in such a way that the drive can be controllable almost arbitrarily via the integrated I/Os without the necessity of drive commands via CANopen. The drive can also be used as CAN master, thanks to the integrated SPS functionality. This allows networks to be constructed in less complex applications that also work as standalone applications without superordinate SPS. The possibility of forgoing a superordinate SPS, has a positive impact on the cost situation.

Online portal for more customer service

The increasing number of options and the rising level of customers’ aspiration have caused customer requirements to become significantly more differentiated. In this case, customer-oriented information systems such as e-commerce applications, which create an interface between interested parties and the company, can score with their advantages. The online portal of ebm-papst is available since the beginning of June. Visitors have the possibility to inform themselves about the product portfolio, which covers everything from motors and transmissions to electronics, breaks and sensors, as well as to put together their drive solution themselves. The necessary data, such as specifications, characteristic curves, or 3D models, are made available to the user online, quickly and in a concise form. The 360° view with zoom in / zoom out function is a special feature. The user can select and create his drive system in the portal using a modular construction kit (motors with integrated logic and power electronics, optional gearhead, encoder and brake). This drive construction kit contains several motor technologies for different applications with power outputs of 5 to 750 Watts. Depending on the application, the user can select motors of the motor series ECI (brushless internal rotor motors), VD / VDC (brushless external rotor motors) and BCI (brushed internal rotor motors) in the online portal. In addition to the already mentioned motors, electronic modules and the add-on components sensor and break, the interested party can also find suitable transmissions such as planetary, angular or spur gears in the online portal.
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